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Switching to Unreal, dropping OUYA and picking new target platforms!

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Moving from Unity to Unreal was a relatively easy decision. I have always liked Unreal but the programmer I worked with was a unity man so that's what we used. Unfortunately the programmer left during the kickstarter and as I had no programming experience to speak of, I needed an alternative solution.

In the past I had some success with UDK's kismet, I even published a crappy IOS game called Attack The Horde. I liked kismet because it was visual and the dyslexic in me always found graphs easier to read than blocks of text. So when UE4 came out I decided to give Blueprint a go.

Most of you are probably thinking this sounds like its going to be a disaster. There has been some real shockers when coders try to do art and the same is true for artists tying to code. But trust me on this one, it all works out (So far anyway).

With the new engine came new possibilities. Steam seemed like the obvious choice for platform, but I had a hankering for a console platform as well. When I was an aspiring games artist I had always wanted to get a game on PlayStation. There is something mystical about console development and I want to see if its possible to get a game with no code working on a next gen console.

One of the downsides to swapping engines is that I had to pull the OUYA version of the game. The console just didn't have enough power and I certainly didn't have the expertise to make the game work within the limitations of the console. While not many people donated to the game a few people did, and I'm trying to make sure they get a copy if the game when its released. Finding them will be tricky as I didn't receive any contact details when they donated. Hopefully they will reach out to me when the game is finished.

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