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Very detailed changelog of version 6.07 (2019.12.24)

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Known unfixed Issues with this version:
- DeadBodies Feature is not fully matured yet there are some glitches (clean-up check issues)
- Health and Ammo Terminals Archetype does not show
+ 110 known other non-critical/minor issues (far less than ever before).

Added: gloabl localstrings for: a
Added: gloabl localstrings for: the
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Fan
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Door
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Pillar
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Shuttle
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Stomper
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Turbolift
Added: gloabl localstrings for: was neutralized by
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Andorian Mercenary
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Human Mercenary
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Klingon Mercenary
Added: gloabl localstrings for: Security Console
Added: gloabl localstrings for: main_menu.urc
Added: gloabl localstrings for: coop_startserver.urc
Added: Parts of the STV:COI Textures pack by Explorer
Added: Parts of the STV:COI Environment Models pack by 7o'nine
Added: Language neutral to neutral /coop_mod/ui/ folder
Added: Language neutral to neutral /coop_mod/ui/ folder
Added: Language neutral to neutral /coop_mod/ui/ folder
Added: Callvote exec, localized info text (German/English)
Added: menu_ingame_callvote.urc - Kick All Bots to player kick List
Added: coop_Settings.urc, localstrings to make language neutral
Added: All changes in code are tagged with [b607]
Added: The name of the next map will be shown on map change to all players.
Added: Archetype for rescued Attrexian on Coop_bugs
Added: Coop communicator has now buttons for !transport and all other Coop commands
Added: Click fire to Respawn Hud: coop_fireToSpawn.urc shown to dead players
Added: Click fire to Respawn Hud handle in Player::Score
Added: Click fire to Respawn Hud handle in MultiplayerManager::playerEnterArena
Added: Message of the Day feature, using new cvar mp_motd
Added: German print-out info in void PuzzleObject::useEvent(Event* event)
Added: globalCoop_player_makeSolidASAP in player.scr can now handle non Sentient Entities without health as player/parameter1
Added: !targeted - New Chat command, showing targetnames to player
Added: !reboot - New Developer Chat command, rebooting the server
Added: !noclip - New Developer Chat command, allowing to use noclip
Added: !endlevel - New Developer Chat command, ending the level
Added: !login - New Developer Chat command, showing a Admin Login Menu (using MOM)
Added: !showspawn - New Developer Chat command, showing player spawnspots
Added: !hidespawn - New Developer Chat command, hiding player spawnspots
Added: !testspawn - New Developer Chat command, making player test spawnspots
Added: Script Command getTargetedEntity (Entity e; e=$player.getTargetedEntity();) to get the Entity this player is currently aiming at (Does not work in 3rd person).
Added: Cvar sv_noletterbox to disable the letterbox in cinematic sequences (Range: 0-1)
Added: Flushtikis executed for clients when leaving the level(World::~World), this fixes possible animation errors of actors and models.
Added: Modifiers are temporary disabled on Coop Maps (MultiplayerManager::tryAddModifier)
Added: Callvote "Your Vote is in Progress:" moved other text in second line.
Added: Callvote Option to set number of dead bodies that stay in one Area before they fade/beam out (Actor::Dead, MultiplayerManager::callVote)
Added: Callvote allowes now to kick players with spaces in their name (Player::CallVote, MultiplayerManager::callVote)
Added: Callvote for all mp_modifier_* cvars. Example: callvote mp_modifier_instantkill 1
Added: Callvote now shows the passed votestring on succsess
Added: Missing svflags. See hcm_scriptCommands.txt for details (Entity::SVFlags)
Added: using _totalGameFrames of any else player if client 0 isn't connected (extern "C" int G_GetTotalGameFrames( void ))
Added: Level Script Variable on player to detect current viewmode (Nightvision,Torpedostrike,etc): _playerCurrentViewMode
Added: Speciality class of the player will be restored on respawn
Added: coop_aftermath5, to Start Server UI
Added: coop_aftermath5, to Callvote UI
Added: coop_aftermath5, a new level from the Aftermath Episodes Level
Added: coop_equinox_credits, credits UI
Added: coop_equinox, to Callvote UI
Added: coop_equinox, a new level from a dead Mod
Added: prf_groupdeath, to Star Server UI
Added: prf_groupdeath, to Callvote UI
Added: prf_groupdeath, a new test level
Added: AI coop compatibility in CloseInOnPlayer::findPlayer, using current enemy or followtarget if it is supported
Added: coop_groupdeaththread function to noscript.scr (see map prf_groupdeath)
Added: Aftermath Mod and missing RoteC Mod maps, as well as the coop_Eqiomnox to hcm_sv_coop.bat
Added: hcm_discord link file to the HaZardModding Discord
Added: gbs_dm_illia.tik as valid model to coop_modelValidPlayer in coopModel.cpp on coop_gbs* maps
Added: gbs_dm_illia to English and German menu_playersetupmultiplayer.urc menu files
Added: gbs_dm_illia image in sysimg/headshots/
Added: Vote cast of a player is shown to all players
Added: Maps to vote_maplist.ini (coop_aftermath5, coop_equinox, coop_rotec8)
Added: Handling for coop_playersetup8 UI-Widget in enable_modelsel.cfg and disable_modelsel.cfg
Added: coop_ui_class cvar used in coop_class.urc to toggle player class info hud showing
Added: ui_showPlayerName cvar used in targetNameHud.urc to toggle player names showing above crosshair
Added: menu_gameoption.urc Show player names option to toggle player names in multiplayer
Added: Admin/Developer cvar. Needs to be set by server admin with a 3 to 6 digits code: coop_login
Added: c++ function coop_returnIntWithinRangeOrDefault (coopReturn.cpp)
Added: Info when weapon is being dropped by a player: Your Weapon was dropped
Added: A multi-execution protection to coop_map in noscript.scr
Added: A multi-execution protection to globalCoop_server_loadGivenMapNow in server.scr
Added: Mission Failure (set minutes in cvar coop_autoFailtime default is 30) if all players left the server, to prevent issues created by active scripts (coop_playerLeft)
Added: Ammo that is picked up will be shared to all players (AmmoEntity::ItemPickup) Ammo can picked up as long as any player needs ammo.
Added: Variable coop_integer_serverLoadingMap in globalCoop_server_loadGivenMapNow of server.scr
Added: New global variable coop_integer_serverLoadingMap in declaration_variables.scr
Added: New level floatvar isCoopActive for script use. ($world.getFloatvar("isCoopActive");)
Added: Configstrings clean-up script function to remove associated combatsounds of named actor (configstringRemoveCombatSounds("chell");)
Added: Configstrings cleanup script function to remove a specified configstring (configstringRemove("models/vehicle/e-shuttle-int.tik");)
Added: Configstrings clean-up on level load (Level::SpawnEntities) To prevent: cl_ParseGamestate: bad command byte -1
Added: Configstrings clean-up after Dialog was played (Level::SpawnEntities) To prevent: cl_ParseGamestate: bad command byte -1
Added: m4l1a-attrexian_station.script, spawn-locations in armory
Added: m4l1a a load tooken ($load=escort) starting/restarting the mission at where the Armory Attrexians are, upon failure
Added: m4l1b a load tooken ($load=defend) starting/restarting the mission at where the Command Officials are, upon failure
Added: m4l2b a load tooken ($load=defend) starting/restarting the mission at where the first lift stops, upon failure
Added: m7l1a a load tooken ($load=technician) starting/restarting the mission at where the Service Technician is found
Added: m7l1a a load tooken ($load=unlocker) starting/restarting the mission at where the Injured Unlocker is found
Added: m7l1a a check to prevent the AI-Teammates getting stuck inside a player when the Injured Unlocker is found
Added: coop_gbs2 radar marker is now removed when related objective is completed
Added: HaZardModding Coop Mod will be shown as Gametype in the scoreboard now
Added: flushtikis command to reconnect.cfg, hopefully fixing GFX issues with clients
Added: Server Reboot Type, can be set in coop_status.ini. Options are: quit, killserver, none. Default: none
Added: Server Reboot via cfg using killserver in void coop_serverThink( void ) (You need a server.cfg in /base/ for reboot)
Added: Automatic dialog length adjustment for English and German using VLP-Files (used by waitfordialog) in Actor::PlayDialog
Added: qboolean Actor::coop_checkIsSpectator() in actor.cpp, for followtarget entity
Added: In Actor::checkSpecifiedFollowTargetOutOfRange() check if followtarget player is in spectator (Reported by J83)
Added: In actor.cpp Actor::EntityInRange, check if followtarget is player and in spectator
Added: Failsafe for m2l2-sfa if Korban gets stuck in the lift (player blocking) at level start.
Added: m6-deck1_bridge_redalert.scr, Failsave to trigger end cinematic if Munro gets stuck (based on Timeout)
Added: Explicit removal of hud coop_voteText in void MultiplayerManager::vote and void MultiplayerManager::checkVote
Added: Server rebooting check after all clients have left in: void coop_playerLeft( Player *player )
Added: coop_aftermath3 more pathnodes to allow better navigation for telsia
Added: coop_paradiseIsland weapon and movement clip on energy and health dispensers
Added: Automatic debug via g_showevents activation in void L_ProcessPendingEvents( void ) and void coop_serverThink( void )
Added: Votetext localisations to coop_text.cpp(coop_textModifyVoteText) for lms,awards,indicator
Added: coop_hatoriaOutpost, a use Symbol to the Basement Water Pipe Valve
Added: coop_hatoriaOutpost, a functioning Shower and Bathtub
Added: itemText.urc a name(itemTextHud) to the widget holding the text to allow overwriting of fontsize
Added: New function checkthirdperson() in player.cpp (without condition)
Added: New function coop_returnStringUntilNewline in coopReturn.cpp
Added: Players are forced into Blue team on spawn. In coop_playerEnterArena of coopPlayer.cpp
Added: New function in coopServer.cpp to manage ending of a match in coop: bool coop_serverCheckEndMatch(void)
Added: Event name showing in the "You must run the server with '+set cheats 1'" console info text
Added: bool coop_playerCheckAdmin(Player *player) in coopPlayer.cpp, checking player Admin status
Added: level.scr new Function void globalCoop_level_hideSpawn() to hide shown spawnspot symbols
Added: Validation check function mom_validUser(entity ePlayer, float fInstance), for MOM users, to make sure the player is still valid.
Added: De-validation routine in mom_exitMenuPlayer of multioptions.scr.
Added: Skip Setup Assistant Button to menu (coop_settings.urc)
Added: modles/projectile/fx-explosion-snake-stage1.tik to deathlist.ini
Added: IdryllRebelFemaleShield to deathlist.ini
Added: $cityGiantPillarofDoom1_pice1 from m5l1b to deathlist.ini
Added: $fanSide* from coop_alien to deathlist.ini
Added: $$Quadruped$$ to deathlist.ini
Added: Barclay to deathlist.ini
Added: Tuvok to deathlist.ini
Added: Picard to deathlist.ini
Added: HazardTeamBaseMale to deathlist.ini
Added: HazardTeamBaseFemale to deathlist.ini
Added: Additional validation check in script function: globalCoop_check_playerInRange
Added: Ammo Regen Rune is now regenerating Weapon ammo at 10 units per sec, other ammo types will regenerate 4 units (RuneAmmoRegen::specificUpdate)
Added: Support for handling a player call from the c++ gamecode in multioptions.scr
Added: multioptions_login.scr in and sv_maxbots the includes of declaration_functions.scr
Added: Cvar coop_ver, coop_admin, coop_autofailtime and sv_maxbots to gamecvars.cpp
Added: If all players are killed during Last Man Standing the playerDeathThread will be run
Added: RomulanSnowGuardM10Rifle to coop_returnStringDeathmessagenameForActor for Killemssage handling
Added: name "BorgDroneFemale" to borg_base-female.tik so that it can be handled in deathlist.ini
Added: name "BorgDroneMale" to borg_base-Male.tik so that it can be handled in deathlist.ini
Added: New key disableCoop allowes to disable the Coop Mod on the server when set to true (default is false)
Added: New key errorevent will be set in coop_status.ini if a script error occurs on the server (Event::Error in listener.cpp)
Added: New key errorscript will be set in coop_status.ini if a script error occurs on the server (Lexer::ParseError in lexer.cpp)
Added: Dual language dialog time managing in void Actor::PlayDialog of actor.cpp (needs zzzzzz_co-op_hzm_mod_vlp.pk3)
Added: Cvars coop_ver and coop_admin to gamecvars.h
Added: File multioptions_login.scr to handle coop admin login
Added: UseSecurity and Radar Descriptions to gameplay.gdb
Added: UseSecurity and Radar Descriptions for all Coop Objects to globalstrings.loc (German and English file)
Added: was neutralized by to globalstrings.loc (German and English file)
Added: Prevention of scan data for coop tricorder menu being send continusly (cop_scan1, coop_scan2), when a single-data-burst would have been sufficent.
Added: Prevention of multiple lines being written by the value in coop_phraserIniSet
Added: Prevention of multiple execution of Coop Player Spectator Setup (coop_playerSpectator)
Added: Script floatVar to allow reading the current set maxSpeed for players ( $world->getFloatVar( "maxSpeed") )
Added: Actors will be re-targetnamed (to coop_deadActorBodies) after 3 sec on death if they do not have a fade-death-animation (based on a concept of jt to allow dead bodies to stay)
Added: Bots number can be limited by cvar sv_maxbots if they are added via callvote
Added: Bots can now be excluded in coop_returnPlayerQuantity using 3 as parameter.
Added: Bots are now marked as bots in C++ and handled different in many chases
Added: Bots will not be handled during coop inizial player setup
Added: Bots will not be handled in ModeTeamDeathmatch::setupMultiplayerUI
Added: Bots will not be handled in ModeCaptureTheFlag::setupMultiplayerUI
Added: Bots will not be handled in MultiplayerModeBase::setupMultiplayerUI
Added: Bots will not be handled in coop_huds_setupMultiplayerUI
Added: Bots will not be handled in coop_radarReset
Added: Bots will not be handled in coop_radarUpdate
Added: Bots will not be handled in coop_playerSetup
Added: Bots will no longer be checked if they have the server passwort in G_AddBot
Added: Bots will no longer get hudrint messages from Player::hudPrint, MultiplayerManager::HUDSay
Added: Bots will be kicked by callvote: callvote kickbots
Added: Bots will be kicked by rcon: kickbots
Added: Bots will be marked via script entity variable _playerIsBot so it can be read by script ($player0.getFloatVar("_playerIsBot"))
Changed: targetNameHud.urc, removed health info, centred player name and added the ability to disable player name showing
Changed: coopclient.cfg renamed to detect.cfg
Changed: initialize.cfg renamed to init.cfg
Changed: spectatorOrDead.cfg renamed to sod.cfg
Changed: enterArena.cfg renamed to ea.cfg
Changed: menu_main.urc is now language neutral
Changed: coop_communicator menu has been reworked
Changed: coop_communicator menu is now Language Neutral (German/English)
Changed: globalstrings.loc, English version no longer containing German Umlaute.
Changed: menu_ingame_callvote.urc - optimized arrangement of background widgets
Changed: callvote exec will execute files only from base/cfg/server/callvote/ now.
Changed: MultiplayerManager::addPlayer will exclude the bots from the player-count when deciding if a Joined message should be shown.
Changed: MultiplayerManager::HUDPrintAllClients will no longer print hud-text for bots. (...)
Changed: MultiplayerManager::centerPrintTeamClients will no longer print hud-text for bots. (...)
Changed: MultiplayerManager::HUDPrintTeamClients will no longer print hud-text for bots. (...)
Changed: MultiplayerManager::HUDPrintSpectators will no longer print hud-text for bots. (...)
Changed: coop_returnBool in coopReturn.cpp, improved check routine and added .c_str() where needed.
Changed: Moved VPL-Files of GBS Mod from zzzzzz_co-op_hzm_mod.pk3 to zzzzzz_co-op_hzm_mod_vlp.pk3
Changed: coop_radarUpdate now using a less reliable but faster update method for the disc and blip positions
Changed: Removed class_ prefix from Class client configs in coop_mod/cfg/ and coop_classApplayAttributes in c++
Changed: Reduced Nettraffic used by the Coop Radar on first initialisation about 45% in coop_radarReset of coopRadar.cpp
Changed: Actor name of secret-cratemonster.tik to CrateMonster from $$CrateMonster$$
Changed: globalCoop_level_testSpawn in level.scr is now making sure the testing player does not get stuck inside other players
Changed: Separate pk3 files now contain the English and German Dialog sound files to work around a issue.
Changed: fx-explosion-photonball-idryll-secret.tik reducing the expolosion sound by 50%, as it always was to loud
Changed: Secret Dialog Volume in coop_rotec6 from 7 to 3
Changed: $$Quadruped$$ name to Quadruped in alien-type3-quad.tik
Changed: Advanced Borg Drone actor name to AdvancedBorgDrone from $$AdvancedBorgDrone$$ in borgboss_aidata.tik
Changed: Nausicaan Bouncer actor Name to NausicaanBouncer from $$NausicaanBouncer$$
Changed: Exit of MOM menu responding now faster mom_exitMenuPlayer optimized
Changed: Disabled start of globalCoop_level_showSpawn() in globalCoop_main of main.scr
Changed: globalCoop_level_testSpawn() does no longer require coop_dev to be set to 1
Changed: globalCoop_level_showSpawn() does no longer require coop_dev to be set to 1
Changed: itemText.urc (when picking up a item) text is now in white, rather than grey, for better readability
Changed: itemText.urc will now sacle with the resolution, for better readability
Changed: Client freeze time reduced by 1 sec to 2 sec in reconnect.cfg, before reconnect via: bool coop_serverManageReboot( str sMapToLoad )
Changed: Renamed coop_voteCenterText.urc to coop_voteText.urc, old Hud is now incompatible
Changed: globalCoop_player_imobilizeAll, to iron out a possible bug where players would stay immobilised or not be immobilised at all
Changed: Used traffic for the Coop Callvote Menu is now reduced about 65%, old Menu is now incompatible
Changed: Coop Map Load overwrite code in: extern "C" void G_InitGame( int startTime, int randomSeed )
Changed: Updated and expanded Server Reboot Manage Function bool coop_serverManageReboot( str sMapToLoad ), now using the killserver method
Changed: German version of and (removed prf_teammate)
Changed: English version of and (removed prf_teammate)
Changed: MultiplayerManager::checkVote most coop related code was moved to a seperate file (coopVote.cpp)
Changed: coop_rotec7 Background Story Text adjusted to the level
Changed: Nightvision changed to a lighter green look
Changed: Precache file for coop, removed redundant entries
Changed: coop_targeted.urc widget names and showing player health and symbol on top and below the crosshair now
Removed: menu_ingame_callvote.urc - votescrollinfo position (in code not in the interface)
Removed: s# Disabled redundant class change print info on spawn in Specialities Modifier (ModifierSpecialties::setupSpecialty)
Removed: Not required string var sDeu, now using constant string "Deu"
Removed: Network Data Rate selection option in menu (menu_gameoptions.urc)
Removed: Unused Caulk brush of coop_iceStation
Removed: Dusty effect near lamp in secretrom of coop_iceStation
Removed: Duplicated models folder for coop_alien and dublicated model tiki
Removed: Menu closing after voting certain coop options
Removed: General closing of first and secound layer of menus after voting
Removed: Command globalwidgetcommand dmTimer disable from: bool coop_playerSetup( Player *player )
Removed: Functions coop_teammateadd and coop_teammateremove from optional noscript.scr
Removed: Hack to prevent the mp_warmuptime cvar to go under 1, was used to fix a bug
Removed: 'For more, Mission Info type: !status', from !info printout
Removed: Redundant Code in void bomb_pickup() of bomb.script from coop_bugs
Removed: Unused testcode in void Player::SetTargetedEntity( EntityPtr entity )
Removed: Unused coop variables from gamecode: group_name, dynamicLightsMultiplayerNum, dynamicLightsMultiplayerLst
Removed: Missplaced files secret1.bsp, coop_iceStation.maps and coop_iceStation.bsp from /coop_mod/maps/ folder
Removed: Dublicated and deprecated code from globalCoop_mission_completed in mission.scr
Removed: Deprecated Coop Mod code from mp_modifiers.cpp in multiple functions
Removed: Testmap prf_teammate the features it presented are deprecated
Removed: MultiplayerManager::checkVote extra empty line print out
Removed: Dublicated entry "Off" in english Localstrings
Removed: Dublicated entry "ServerName" in English and German Localstrings
Removed: menu_ingame_callvote.urc - VoteOptionList unused colum
Removed: A sort of dublicate from Player class used by the Mod: lastTargetedEntity (using now last_entityTargeted)
Removed: coop_rotec7 actor in hallway acting strangly
Removed: coop_reboot cvar, it is no longer used
Fixed: Coop Radar not working in 3rd Person View
Fixed: Coop Communicator using temp cvar for Instantkill detection
Fixed: Typo in multiple printouts already was allready
Fixed: Precache file coop_general not being executed during Coop
Fixed: Killthread set on a player not being executed in coop (coop_playerKilled)
Fixed: coop_gbs6 last objective not being set to Complete
Fixed: !stuck will no longer show Transport effect when used by a dead player
Fixed: Unizialised var _oldTurnSpeed in RotateToEntity::RotateToEntity() causing to crash Linux servers with Actors, especially the Basher
Fixed: Respawn time being carried over from Coop into non Coop levels. (mp_respawntime)
Fixed: cl_ParseGamestate: bad command byte -1 (last 4), when connecting mid-game (by reducing/cleaning-up the configstrings)
Fixed: Server crashing when adding more than 7 bots (stable teste now with up to 98 bots) caused by IsUniqueName
Fixed: Dublicated LevelChange Trigger being executed by the Coop Mod Scripts
Fixed: Player sometimes spawning without weapons on Coop Maps in Singleplayer
Fixed: Objectives sometimes not showing when pressing tab(default objectives key) on Coop Maps in Singleplayer
Fixed: Function globalCoop_server_loadGivenMapNow in server.scr not using nointermission()
Fixed: Bots counted as players when calling a vote and more as 1 player was present (MultiplayerManager::updateVotes)
Fixed: Info message printing if only Bots are on the server (HeadWatcher::SetWatchTarget)
Fixed: Becomes a - spam message if a player stays on a class item in Specalities (ModifierSpecialties::itemTouched)
Fixed: Callvote Coop UI using wrong variable to show state of awards on/off
Fixed: Callvote Yes and No info being cut off.
Fixed: Coop Movespeed of players not retained on map change/restart
Fixed: Dynamic lights being dark/out for player when lights where set before player was on the server (World::UpdateDynamicLights)
Fixed: The timelimit not changing on current map if the cvar is changed in MultiplayerManager::checkCvar
Fixed: The pointlimit not changing on current map if the cvar is changed in MultiplayerManager::checkCvar
Fixed: Ghost player being spawned in Level::SpawnEntities on a dedicated/multiplayer server
Fixed: Fixed stock gamebug showing last targeted Player name when targeting a different entity than a player in: void Player::CheckForTargetedEntity( void )
Fixed: Speciality selection spamming with ...becomes a... over and over again as long as a player stands on a selection item.
Fixed: WatchEntity::init always useing client 0
Fixed: Camera not fading to black on levelstart in m2l2-sfa.script
Fixed: Dedicated Server crashing when bots are added via rcon
Fixed: Dedicated Server rebooting when a callvote on a non-coop map is started
Fixed: Dedicated Server not changing the map when a callvote on a non-coop map is started
Fixed: errortext in coop_status.ini possibly containing newlines
Fixed: Tricorder Puzzles sometimes not working in Singleplayer (Coop Puzzle Scripts are now separate and loaded dynamically via dll)
Fixed: Game crash when spawning a dm_*.tik player model/skin via console script command (void CThread::Spawn( Event *ev ))
Fixed: Puzzle solvable when plasma-leek is already exploding in ent-deck7b-mission2.script
Fixed: coop_story dublicated call in coop_playerSetupCoop resulting in extra Nettraffic
Fixed: HelperNode::FindClosestHelperNode in helper_node.cpp returning false instead of NULL
Fixed: FindClosestHelperNodeThatCannotSeeEntity in helper_node.cpp returning false instead of NULL
Fixed: ParseMapName in q_shared.c using /0 instead of \0
Fixed: Player::StartFakePlayer fixed bad printout string using \c instead of \n
Fixed: Player::FakePlayer fixed bad printout string using \c instead of \n
Fixed: Player::RemoveFakePlayer fixed bad printout string using \c instead of \n
Fixed: FlyCloseToPlayer::Evaluate in behavior.cpp bad Vector declaration, leading to ai issues in Singleplayer.
Fixed: m5l2a, next level not loading on second load in m5l2a-drull_ruins1.script
Fixed: Added multiple .c_str() to strings used to handle UI commands
Fixed: Game ending by Timelimit when playing coop with mp_gametype 1 caused by: bool ModeTeamDeathmatch::isEndOfMatch( void )
Fixed: prf_bind triggers activating to quickly again, now set 1 sec wait intbetween
Fixed: prf_weapon not taking I-Mod away from player, added fix in armory.scr
Fixed: prf_forcefield forcefields being inoperable, integrated old code in noscript.scr
Fixed: prf_cinematic2 sequence getting stuck where Picard is about to enter the Transporter Room
Fixed: Player being notsolid when joining in from Spectator on regular Multiplayer (coop_playerThink)
Fixed: Print-out of Classes being wrong localized (coop_classPlayerUsed)
Fixed: known_hcm.txt bad wording
Fixed: Player injured Skull symbol half way inside the ground.
Fixed: Ini-Pharser returning the last attached newline(\n) when reading the value from a file
Fixed: coop_hatoriaOutpost replicator sound not playing
Fixed: coop_iceStation water texture mismatch
Fixed: coop_iceStation texture lightning issue in secret room
Fixed: coop_iceStation clipping errors of secret pit entrance
Fixed: coop_bugs player keeping patternenhancher and bomb when respawning
Fixed: coop_bugs some doors on the planet not having a move sound
Fixed: coop_aftermath1 German objective 4 missing.
Fixed: coop_aftermath2 German objective 4 missing.
Fixed: coop_aftermath3 clipping error in big sewer room
Fixed: coop_gbs1 Invisible Illia getting attacked by Enemy AI
Fixed: coop_gbs2 Hazard Team sequence not working
Fixed: coop_gbs6 showing use symbol instead of tricorder symbol
Fixed: coop_gbs7 Bat'leth pickup sequence activatable multiple times
Fixed: coop_gbs10 missing RomulanSecurityUsableConsole and RomulanGenericUsableConsole in english loc-file
Fixed: coop_gbs10 missing RomulanSecurityUsableConsole and RomulanGenericUsableConsole in German loc-file
Fixed: coop_rotec4 Brush Clipping in Tram Tunnel
Fixed: coop_rotec5 Objectives not updating correctly after Modulation
Fixed: coop_rotec6 Basher being very easy to kill
Fixed: coop_rotec6 Basher hitting Lamp making the lamp fly away
Fixed: coop_rotec7 Second Objective Item not being displayed
Fixed: coop_rescueChell forced alingment of chell so that the animation will work properly while repairing
Fixed: coop_rescueChell missaligned areaportal causing hall of mirrors effect
Fixed: m4l1a-attrexian_station airsupply can be deactivated before it activated (hallway_decompression_start())
Fixed: m7l1a-attrexian_colony objective not showing
Fixed: m8l2b-drull_ruins2 locking players inside the secret Staffroom
Fixed: Coop Radar Hud fov model hidden behind background texture
Fixed: Possible NULL entity reference in multioptions.scr
Fixed: globalstrings.loc Tricorder scanable description wording
Fixed: Vote Text being cut off in mp_console.urc when using a bigger font
Fixed: typo in German version of coop_communicator.urc of German word voran
Fixed: typo in English version of coop_communicator.urc of German word voran
Fixed: Typo in coop_hatoriaOutpost Objectives of the German word Landeplattform
Fixed: ent-deck7b igm2 shuttle($shuttleClip1) flying in killing player not having a killmessage in coop (ent-deck7b-mission2.script)
Fixed: ui_removehuds all in void MultiplayerModeBase::setupMultiplayerUI( Player *player ) executed with delay, causing overlaps during inizialisation
Fixed: ui_removehuds all in void ModeTeamDeathmatch::setupMultiplayerUI( Player *player ) executed with delay, causing overlaps during inizialisation
Fixed: ui_removehuds all in void ModeCaptureTheFlag::setupMultiplayerUI( Player *player ) executed with delay, causing overlaps during inizialisation
Fixed: coop_radar hud not disapearing when switching to fullscreen or windowed mode or changing the resolution (reset_loading.cfg)
Fixed: Timer Hud for Multimatch sometimes not showing or disappearing
Fixed: Typo (Friendly Fired) in menu_ingame_callvote.urc
Fixed: coop_serverManageAi() in coopServer.cpp, contained logic errors
Fixed: coop_returnPlayerQuantity() in coopReturn.cpp, contained logic errors
Fixed: m6-deck8_redalert.scr, $tuvok blocking players, preventing them to enter Jefferies Tube (Moving now to Pathnode)
Fixed: Possible security issue in void MultiplayerManager::checkVote
Fixed: Coop mod handling issues in function: bool ModeTeamBase::isEndOfMatch( void )
Fixed: Coop mod handling issues in function: bool ModeTeamDeathmatch::isEndOfMatch( void )
Fixed: Coop mod handling issues in function: bool ModeCaptureTheFlag::isEndOfMatch( void )
Fixed: Coop mod handling issues in function: bool MultiplayerModeBase::isEndOfMatch( void ) hhh
Fixed: Handling issues using delayed commands in function: void MultiplayerModeBase::setupMultiplayerUI( Player *player )
Fixed: Handling issues using delayed commands in function: void ModeTeamDeathmatch::setupMultiplayerUI(Player *player)
Fixed: Handling issues using delayed commands in function: void ModeCaptureTheFlag::setupMultiplayerUI( Player *player )
Fixed: !transport without parameter allowing to transport to self

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