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ew version of the submod, compatible with AWOIAF version 7.11 & 7.12. New game required.

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Version 5.0 Changelog

Troop Changes

Created a new troop tree for the Stormcrows mercenary company.
Created a new troop tree for the Windblown mercenary company.
Created a new troop tree for the Second Sons mercenary company.
Overhauled the R'hllor troop tree.
Overhauled the Northern Clansman troop tree.
Overhauled the Hill Tribesman troop tree.
Added new household troop : Mormont Man-at-Arms. Recruitable from Taverns.

New Abilities

Added Crouching ability - Default key to crouch is Z but you need to change this to a different key as this key is also used by the Advanced Formations script to tell your troops to ready their sidearms. You can change this by going to the Main Menu and then selecting Options - Controls.

Added Pike-bracing ability - To be able to use this you must be wielding a pike and be crouching, you will then automatically brace the pike. Any troops that wield pikes will also use this ability automatically although it will not work with the Advanced Formations commands. If you order your Pike wielding troops to Hold Position & Stand Closer then the first rank of pikemen will crouch and brace their pikes. You can command them to Stand Closer upto 4 times to have them stand in 4 ranks. If the pike is held at the correct angle towards charging cavalry it is possible to kill the horse or the horse rider with one hit. This applies to both the player and npc units, alternatively the player can also get one shot killed by riding into a pike wall.

Added Half-swording ability - Half-swording is a technique where one hand is placed on the hilt and the other is placed on the blade and used to thrust a sword like a spear or pike, dealing fine thrust damage especially useful against heavily armoured opponents. Two new weapons have been added that allows you to use this ability by pressing the X key which toggles it into the Half-sword mode.

Added Mordhau ability - The Mordhau is a technique of holding the sword inverted, with both hands gripping the blade and hitting the opponent with the pommel or crossguard. This technique allows the swordsman to basically use the sword as a mace or warhammer dealing blunt damage which is useful against armoured opponents. Two new weapons have been added that allows you to use this ability by pressing the X key which toggles it into the Mordhau mode.

The names of the weapons in game that have the Half-sword and Mordhau abilites available are:

Knightly Longsword (Half-sword)
Knightly Longsword (Mordhau)
Knightly Greatsword (Half-sword)
Knightly Greatsword (Mordhau)

Each of these weapons will have the ability it can perform written in brackets next to its name to make it easier for you to know which sword performs what when purchasing. To purchase these new weapons you can find them in the
marketplace of all Westerosi towns except for towns in the North, The Iron Islands & Dorne.

New Additions

Added 14 new armours.
Added 10 new weapons.
Added 4 new bows.
Added a new multishot crossbow. (Can shoot 3 bolts at once, available for purchase from Myrish towns)
Added 3 new shields.
Added 2 new helms.
Added 1 new warhorse.
Added 9 new soundtracks.


Fixed issue with Winterfell icon.
Fixed issue with being stuck on town menu screen when trying to leave Braavos.
Fixed issue with Tarly Guardsman troops being assigned to the garrison of the wrong castle.
Fixed issue with mid tier Dragonstone troops having worse armour than the lower tiered troops.
Fixed issue with Ser Kevan Lannister not having any boots.
Fixed issue with Farmer's incorrectly wearing plate armour.
Fixed issue with the Martell brothers appearing naked while in castles/towns.
Fixed issue with several helms that removed facial hair when worn.
Fixed issue with the Arbalest which was making it appear too bright.
Fixed issue where NPCs travelling to Braavos would get stuck on world map due to the new city icon for Braavos.
Fixed issue where special locations which were meant to be hidden, but were visible, are now hidden again.
Fixed Wild Hare unit not being able to be upgraded.
Fixed incorrect stats of Veteran Wild Hare unit.
Fixed incorrect equipment being assigned to Stormlander troops.
Fixed incorrect equipment being assigned to Vale Militia Pikemen.
Fixed incorrect equipment being assigned to Dornish Warriors.

Other Changes.

Adjusted several shaders.
Adjusted the garrison of Norvos.
Adjusted the garrison of Myr.
Adjusted the garrison of Tyrosh.
Adjusted the garrison of Braavos.
Adjusted the gear of unique NPCs in mercenary companies.
Adjusted Golden Company recruitment template to now use Elephant Riders.
Adjusted recruitment templates of Northern Clansmen and the Vale Hill Tribes.
Retextured several of the new icons.
Retextured the Volantene War Elephant.
Riverrun ranged troops now have bows instead of crossbows.
Reworked the stats & values of all ranged weapons.
Added merchandise flags to all bows in game so they now appear for purchase in markets.
Added merchandise flags to all kettle helms so they now appear for purchase in markets.
Added merchandise flags to several armours so they now appear for purchase in markets.
Increased the strength requirement of Arbalests, previously the requirement was the same as Crossbows.
Changed the faction colour of Dragonstone and the Riverlands.
Top tier Braavosi infantry troops have been given bucklers.
Obsidian troops have been given better gear and their stats have been buffed.
Several adjustments have been made to increase the survivabilty of the Night's Watch.
Lord troops which are recruitable from towns have been given better equipment and their stats have been buffed.

Credits List

Produno, for creating the awesome AWOIAF mod in the first place.
Cobainrift, for creating the new icons, retexturing many different items and for providing feedback and support.
Ryndill_Blackfyre, for allowing me to use the Mormont shields he retextured.
LeonhardtFalkenburg, for testing, providing feedback and offering suggestions on a varietey of issues.
dare2die, for his OSP Horses, Camels, Elephants and for retexturing two horses specifically for this submod.
Russian GOTRP mod team, for their OSP armour, helm, boots and shield models.
jacobhinds, for his OSP armour and helm models.
ArchieDuke, for his OSP armour models.
spak, for his OSP crossbow models.
fladin, for his OSP armour and helm models.
Luigi, for his OSP polearm models.
igorbb, for his OSP shield model.
Nieths, for providing some of the new music tracks.
Jess&Reece, for providing a new banner.
Hoboistice, for providing documentation on new weapon modes.
Antonis9, for his OSP texture & for always being ready to help and provide a ton of useful info and advice.


how do you install this?

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DubCuda Author

Extract the contents of the submod file into your AWOIAF mod folder, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the files, select yes and your good to go.

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what are the new weapons?

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DubCuda Author

The new weapons are:
1 morningstar
1 spear
1 halberd
1 battle-axe
6 swords

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