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Future Plans:

And developer thoughts. Also stuff I probably don't have the skill or money to do.

  • Update the art, make it look better and less sloppy. The game is meant to look a bit generic and sloppy, but it could do with a face-lift regardless.
  • Add more to the three clans mentioned in the game. The 'Furites' seem to get the limelight, but the others are mere mentions and random appearances. Likely a huge missed opportunity, but ultimately, laziness of having to do all the work. The Furites were large enough, with their own ending and all.
  • Think more about my future plans as I don't know what to do with my life.



  • Creating the changelog, now changes can be seen without having to guess! Should be more detailed after this date, if I continue with this project.
  • Added credits to each ending, to make it look more official and stuff, instead of fading to black "game over" instantly.
  • Fixed a few issues and added a few extra small details in the world.
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