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This is a rough overview about the changes I did in alpha 0.4

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The important changes are:

  • - nearly every faction has new defensive buildings/emplacements
  • - slit trenches can now hold 10 soldiers and all of them can shoot (instead of 7 hold and only 6 shoot)
  • - the ai is now a little bit better in dealing with bridges
  • - new skins for tanks of the panzer elite, commonwealth, usa
  • - fixed the bug that all blitzkrieg map has no music
  • - all tanks and bigger vehicles explode with more emphasis and can damage nearby units
  • - fixes and changes in damage system

- USA:

  • --> has new command abilities for every tree
  • --> added many new units from blitzkrieg mod
  • --> is nearly finished as axis too

- Russian:

  • --> increased the number of recruits (7 --> 10), strelky (6 --> 7 after red flag upgrade), guards (4 --> 5 after shockguard upgrade)

- Ostheer:

  • --> added many new units and abilities
  • --> added new building-menu in command buildings
  • --> the ai has now more variant strategies and use the command abilities correctly

- Panzer Elite:

  • --> added new building-menu in command buildings (for future use)

- for the asian factions the SPDx10 bug is still in there, I have found out that it appears only if two same models exists and are seen at once (if you can't see both at the same time, the error doesn't occour)... I could still need a modeller who knows more about this

- the AI for Japan and China still doesn't work after plenty of changes and code adding... (I could still need help here too)

victormanix - - 61 comments

are you going to upload it anywhere else?

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Shinobi.Master Author
Shinobi.Master - - 439 comments

I can not make this mod fusion public, because I have no permission from EF-modding group.

Hope this will answer your question.

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Gunner-Surger - - 47 comments

This is not funny. You post some screenshots, changelogs, but don't give it to anyone. Not funny, really.

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Shinobi.Master Author
Shinobi.Master - - 439 comments

I can make it public again, if EF gives me the permission. It's annoying I know, but that's the situation now.

I respect their content and decision, but I hope they will give me the permission in the future to let me the community give what they looking for.

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