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This is a rough overview about the changes I did in alpha 0.3

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The important changes are:

- Japan and China:

  • --> can now build every unit
  • --> they can now pick up team weapons without a game crash
  • --> they have speech like Axis or USA (like in Far East mod)
  • --> they got some new abilities and units and buildings

- USA:

  • --> has a new command ability
  • --> new skin and sound for super pershing

- a lot of bug fixes and changes in damage system (especially for Ostheer and Soviets, because Japan and China doesn't know their unit types until now; example was: Japan HMG could destroy any Soviet tank; that's now fixed)

- the game shouldn't crash anymore if you play as Japan or China (but the SPDx10 bug is still in there, I could need a modeller who knows more about this)

- the AI for Japan and China still doesn't work after plenty of changes and code adding... (I could need help here too)

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