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This is a rough overview about the changes I did in alpha 0.2

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Japan and China are now fully integrated and playable. But AI still doesn't work, the game crashes still if an asian unit graps an abandoned team weapon and they are not balanced against other factions yet.

Moreover the chinese standard grenade is hilarious: at this moment a big blue block which explodes like an artillery shot --> to much for a little grenade.

You can find two abilities for japan in the right command tree which are my own created. They are "work in progress", but you can test them. "Kamikazi (Aircraft)" and "Air-Raid (all Japanese aricrafts attacks the enemy on the whole map!)"

Furthermore all buildings and defenses are already buildable without the command tree ability, but maybe upgrades are needed. This is a preparation to align the far east mod to the mod fusion.

Later all units will be buildable and the command abilities for reinforcement of these units will make them stronger.

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