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this is the Blast Out beta 0.01 Changelog for release 27.6.2015.

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Change log for beta 0.01 CNC Blast out

load screens have not been changed yet so it might look like the mod is not being run but shelmap changes will confirm ruining

mod is compatible with zero hour 1.4 only (first decade included)
tested on :
Windows XP sp3
Windows 7 32,64bit
not tested on Windows 8 or 8.1
all units with a star symbol (*) are not complete mostly missing cameo images or description text

General Changes

increased camera field of view and zoom
added unused mouse cursors for some specific actions
increased field of view
skirmish blue housecolor is now more bright
skirmish red husecolor is now more bright
added more starting money choices (500000 is for testing purposes)
improved AI
destructible flammable trees (they deal damage to nearby units when on fire)

Game-play Changes

increased artillery range
increased AA range (ground attacks of AA units remain the same)
increased basedefences durability
increased missiles and rockets fuel lifetime
all MBT tanks now have light MG (except scorpion type tanks)
new missile models and physics (also missiles are guided rockets are not)
supply boxes are now worth 100$

Usa all sides

All humvee type vehicles use same locomotors and new models
humvee type vehicles locomotor speed increased 20%
strategy center bombardment gun range increased
new fire-base models
re balanced fire-base weapons (power increase)


new crusader model
new paladin model
paladin weapon re balanced to distinguish it more from crusader
new sentry drone model
new Comanche model
new Chinook model
re balanced Comanche
new Comanche sound FX
new paladin sound FX

China All sides
black napalm upgrade moved to propaganda center
re balanced bunker base defense added protection 15%
re balanced gattling cannon weapons
New battlemaster model
new troop-crawler model
new gattling tank model
new overlord model
new listening outpost model
new helix model (gattling cannon included)*


unit "Runner" added *
unit "mine tank" added*
Unit "mortar trooper" added

GLA All sides
new scorpion model
new marauder model
new technical model 3 variants
new battle-bus model
new quad cannon model
re balanced quad cannon
re balanced marauder
re balanced Jarmen Kel
re balanced rocket buggy
re balanced scorpion missile
Jarmen Kel has demo charge ability now
unit "Scout buggy" added

Super-weapon General
Unit "robo tank" added*
Unit "Eisenhower" added*
Unit "Gattling Avenger" replaces normal avenger*
Unit "Pelican Transport Aircraft" replaces Chinook*
Aurora alpha re-skin
unit "Orca" replaces Comanche*

Laser General
Unit "Sabre laser artillery" added

Airforce General
Unit "M3A6 light tank" added
Unit "Harrier" replaces Comanche

Tank General
New battlemaster model
New emperor model
armed troop crawler
new Gattling tank
new light tank

Infantry General
Auto-cannon base defense (replaces Gattling cannon)*
New assault troop crawler model
Fire support crawler added
dragon rider replaces dragon tank*
increased fort. bunker defense resistance

Nuke General
only general changes

Toxin General
only general changes

Demo General
Tiger tank (replaces Marauder)*

Stealth General
Sand scorpion added*
Assassin added*

changes are present on maps
maps with $ sign have HD previews

Alpine assault$
Barren badlands
Dogs of war$
Homeland alliance$
Tournament lake
Death valley (made for testing so its very unbalanced)
Twilight flame$

that's change log for beta 0.01
All bugs and suggestions can bee posted on this page or through PM
this file will be included in the next release

this files accuracy to content is 95% Easter eggs and secrets not included

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