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The Chambers finished and chambers that still need to be done.

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Chambers Completed Have A Slash Through Them

Relaxation Vault

Test Chamber 01

Test Chamber 02

Test Chamber 03

Test Chamber 04

Test chamber 05

Test Chamber 06

Test Chamber 07

Test Chamber 08

Test Chamber 09

Test Chamber 10

Test Chamber 11

Test Chamber 12

Test Chamber 13

Test Chamber 14

Test Chamber 15

Test Chamber 16

Test Chamber 17

Test Chamber 18

Test Chamber 19

End Escape


If chambers 16 and 18 are complete, why aren't they in the mod, and why doesn't the end escape work, and if chamber 10 is incomplete, why is it in the mod seemingly complete?

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Fence-Exterminator Author

Chamber 16 and 18 is still being changed around as I am going through an overhaul. Also this list hasn't been updated which is why that chamber is complete, yet not shown as completed in the list

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Maybe he hasn't added them into the mod yet.

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what % is this mod done?

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Wait for him to respond to you

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