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Article about one of the cruelest enemies from my universe. This is the main enemy of New Canon. Beware it!

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Cerberum The Chaotic (Legend).

Cerberum - is not the living form. Its something like Artificial Intelligence. Many wizards don`t know about the creator of this monster. But some of them telling the horrible story. There is one creature in the Dark World with name of Devil Rofling. This creature is the absolute Darkness, its avatar in the world of living forms. Darkness Avatar created Cerberum The Chaotic, because he wanted to destroy the whole universe. So it means, that Cerberum can consist of 90% absolute darkness. This is the Overmind, creature from shadows. Its can take many forms, transform to any creatures and can make itself more powerful day by day. All knows, that Cerberum have mighty army of robots and clones. But these clones and robots are not ordinary. They have cruelest programs in their electronic minds. They are daemons in the steel form. Clones are cruel and violent, merciless and horrible. They were created from the bodies of astronauts and other space heroes. And now they are servants of Cerberum. Cerberum The Chaotic have many "Incarnations". He can be giant man with ancient clothes or terrible black dragon. He can transform to dark sphere with the terrible voice. He controlles all his army. And if he will die, his army will also be destroyed. All of his servants can`t live without Overmind. Without Overmind all his army - is simply dead forms. Even Dragons don`t know about the origin of Cerberum. This is the most mysterious enemy in the whole universe. The most secret enemy.

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