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we just opened up a facebookpage to function as a central hub for the development of Airborn

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Hello everyone,

we just opened up a facebookpage to be a central hub for the development of Airborn.

While Moddb is a great place to hang around, we are just not working on a Mod anymore, it has grown way past the small modproject we worked on years ago.
With an art outsource studio running for more than a year now, and lots of smaller selfmade projects we just can't post all our stuff just here where it gets too little recognition - we will not forget you guys and will try to update here on a regular base, but we also wouldn't mind if you join us over at facebook :)


Ugh, Facebook. I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Was nice while it lasted as a free mod.
Understandable change, though, the quality is suberb.

Keep us informed over here, mate.

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You're so cool man. So rebellious. I'm glad you informed the world of your awesome dislike of facebook. Contributes perfectly to the article.

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Every time I see a message about the new update my breath away. Thank you for what you are doing.

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I guess you know, that you already have a community here. Going to Facebook is a good step to outrange the project to a different (and new) community of course, but (nice to know that you) don't forget the community on Moddb.

Seems I am not the only person around here, who has no Facebook. :D

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polyphobia Author

the biggest issue i have with moddb is, that every postvneeds to be administrated. i could upload images for all kinds of nasty things but a simple message takes days until it is released. Which really kinda is a dealbreaker :(

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what about indidb?

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I'll keep watching here for updates... my facebook is spammed with game and family posts... so I'll probably miss your updates

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You can block games from showing up.

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