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all info about the CEM 1.6 release. nothing else

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A complete version of the CEM mod. To install, follow the instructions below. Do not forget to clear the map cache. You can view the partial changelog with the important features added/changed below. Updated as of 04/10/2020.


New update on 04/10/20:

1. 1.6 is my first ever upload


Installation Instructions:

Copy CEM and CEM.mod from the file to the mod directory of your Victoria 2 Program File.
CEM requires Victoria 2 Heart of Darkness Version 3.04 which includes the beta patch. Please delete your map cache prior to starting a new version of the mod for the first time.


The mod is not completed yet and it's based on HPM and HPM ALT-History Mod.

Version 1.6 Changelog:

1. Russia is smaller then vanilla or HPM.

2. Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakisthan does not Exist nor There Culture.

3. Germany Exist to counter Balance Russia.

4. UK does not exist nither Portugal nor there Culture exists.

4. South America is More like a Usion's Continent.

5. North America is a big mess.

6. PLC Exists.

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