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The Ghostship Alpha version 0.33 has now been released. Check out the web site for more info and links.

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The Ghostship Alpha version 0.33 has now been released. Check out the web site for more info and links.

Head over to

Hope you all enjoy it, if you do then please support our IndieGoGo Campaign which has just started

Ghostship Alpha Info

This is the first alpha release of the CDF Ghostship game. It features a little story mode gameplay and 2 onslaught maps Hangar 2 & Medical. There are 2 Challenges available - Scaveneger & Just to the end of the hall. The full intro will appear in the beta version, the alpha version does not have the planned cgi animated intro & Voice over.The alpha version has not been optimized but should run on all medium - high spec systems without any bother.

The screen resolution can be changed so go to the options menu to lower resolution if you get any FPS issues. In the beta the game itself will be optimized and the options screen will contain many customizations to give you more control of how the game plays.The demo is 2.7 gb and will give you hours of fun. All I ask is that you visit the Ghostship Alpha Feedback Forums On Indiedb in order to give any feedback and suggestions. If you have any more questions about the alpha release then please let me know -

We hope you enjoy the demo, the beta will be much improved in many ways and will give you access to the full ship, a lot more types of nasties and more weapons and gadgets.

Installation Notes

To Install the CDF Ghostship game please use The CDFGhostship alpha exe that is included in this package. The installer is very easy to use just follow the on screen instructions.The Alpha installer is still the basic UDK installer, this will be changed by the beta release.

Notes on the game

To change screen resolution go to options then graphics in the main menu, select your desired resolution, press F11 to toggle between full screen and windowed mode.In the alpha there is no intro, the beta release will include an intro.More options and optimisation tweaks will be available in the beta release, the alpha is not optimised yet.The Beta Release will let customise the controls

Game Controls

Move - W,A,S,D
Look - Mouse move
Fire - Left Mouse
Aim - Right Mouse
Change Weapon - Scroll Mouse Up/Down
Reload - R
Sprint - F
Crounch - C
Jump - Space
Use/Interact - E
Map - M
Objectives - O
Switch 1st person/3rd person - b
Custom Camera Options - F1
Hud Bigger/Smaller - +/-
Weapon SLots - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0

Known Bugs & Issues

There are currently a few bugs in the game which will be ironed out by the beta stage.

1. Pressing M key to open up map screen as normal, but do not press the m key again until after you exit the map system or a bug will prevent you from leaving the map screen.

2. AI is still very WIP so there is the odd bug with AI. There are mainlt 2 issues, Aliens fly up in air and get stuck in ceiling evrey now and again

3. Pause screen does not actually fully pause game at the moment, just use this feature to exit the current game to the main menu.

Feedback is needed, do your part! If you like the demo then please spread the word, if not then please tell us -

Enjoy our game!

If you like the demo then please support the future of this game -

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