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A mod for both players & modders, contains a lot of "Deep♂Dark♂Fantasy" and easter eggs. Based on Ares 2.0. Still Under Development, update at any time...

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What's Newbie about All☆EX?
1.New Fourth Side, has only T2 technology, different ways of fighting & resources gathering.
2.A Country that only has T1 technology...
3.Extremely complex application of AI, which mastered AI a variety of dazzling transportation systems.
4.Added units, Various skills of units and balance adjustment.
5.Dozens of interesting new battle modes.
6.Hollywood-road-film-like car turnovering system.
7.Destoriable rocks.(Rock Smash!)
8.Flameable infantries...(FFF!)
9.May get infantries form crates.(And also some BIG BAOBEI in crates).(I get a SSR!)

10.Car Crush & Ship Crush System.
11.Now we have New Campaigns!

12.A Totally Navalwar Map.

13.Other funny easter eggs.


Wish U enjoying this mod!


A vedio to show how AI works.


Download Link


Still No English Version.

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