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Model Conversion, Another Software Change, Some Progress and un-progress and Team Expansion.

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Hey hey, it's been a while.Don't get too excited for some news, because it hasn't only been a while, but it also will take a while before the next news.

Model Conversion:

We are proceeding quite well with the Conversion of the Models, although this won't matter much, because we will start over with everything...
Haha... got you, didn't I.No seriously, we will start over with everything, but this time we will have a larger team, I don't know how large yet, but that will probably be clear in about Four months or something time-span similar to it.
Plus the fact that we'll probably have some assistance and guidance of a few big names in the Industry. (My Teachers at the International Game Architecture & Design Education)

Software Change:

Beside that, the Model Conversion is going quite good, thanks to the switch from "Autodesk 3DS Max 2010" to "Autodesk Maya 2011"And since I have a better idea of the options and possibilities, we will probably be changing in a few months from "Mod" into "Game" thanks to the building of our own Engine.

The Progress:

If you were expecting a nice Cake, I'm sorry... it is a lie... wait... mixed that up with something else... I mean, if you were expecting a good deal of Progress then I have only (Twenty)three words for you... I am (so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so) Sorry....
Nope, just some numbers to throw in ya face, we will need to make:175 Themed buildings250 Additional Buildings150 Usable Vehicles
30 Balanced Weapons 120 Campaign Maps15 Multiplayer Maps500 Extra objects like Forklifts, Lantarns, Telephone wiring... not to forget all sorts of Tiberium Crystals
and alot of different other things that need to be added, but won't be noticed, because they'll look natural in-game.

Team Expansion:

Again... in about Four months, the Team will be expanded to a lot more people, we will have Visual Artist, Designers, Programmers, and I hope to get a few Audio-specialized people as well.
I won't be hiring here on ModDB, because I am the Lead Project Director (that sounds just too expensive) and I want to be able to meet people in person, and have meetings and such... So the only reason to apply is if you're also a student at the NHTV IGAD Program in Breda.
Well... that's it I guess, I'll let you know more in a few months... thank's for surviving my utterly long and useless update... See ya later...


Sounds you've started off on the right foot. I can't wait to see the end result, but I'm not gonna rush this for fear of disrupting the mental imagery I've developed.

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