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the second release of the mod featuring the GDI faction and many more special powers and fixes

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Ladies and Gentlemen !! all C&C Fans everywhere !! today is a glorious day !! today earth shall survive the tiberium invasion !! all our brave brethren have gathered to defend our last green zones from corruption , this is the day the global defense initiative forces shall send a clear message to everyone that we will not surrender to Kane's prophecy or aliens , we are here to stay and the the vortex mod shall last to the end of modding days !!! XD ....... okay now to the serious talk... uhmm., proud to announce the release of the 2nd alpha version of the vortex mod after all these years working hard on it facing all the real life postpones but here we are hope you will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed building it :)

We need you , YES YOU !!

we are currently looking for talented modders to join our ranks to even accelerate the mod progress further

currently we are looking for these feel free to message me if you are interested :)

  • AI programmers
  • Map designers
  • Voice actors
  • Particle effects artists

So what can you find here ?

  • GDI faction is now available
  • Many new special powers were added to GDI and Nod factions
  • Fixed the devil tongue error u can enjoy sneaking under enemy bases...literally !!
  • Many other fixes for more stable game play

To download the mod is available on Google Drive until i find time to upload it on moddb :)

Download GDI Alpha Version


Its been quite the journey mate.
Really nice to see that you're getting there.

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AI is getting instantly defeated, is that OK?

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flashknight33 Author

There is no Ai yet neither for gdi or nod the mod is still in alpha stage

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Hey Flashknight, mod seems pretty great ! I've only played with GDI yet, but I've noticed a couple of weird things. First, I seem to not have sound in the mod, no music, no sounds, nothing. Do not know if its intended due to the mod's state. Second, when I built the ZOCOM Tech Lab, it gave me the possibility of getting either the ZOCOM Tier 2 or Steel Talons Tier 2, even though I already had the ZOCOM Tier 1 researched (which was a requirement for the ZOCOM Tech Lab). I don't know if I can actually research the Steel Talons Tier 2, or if the Talons' Tech Lab has the same problem cuz I didnt try it. Third, minor english errors here and there (such as "Tier" written has "Tire"), most of which have no impact on the game. Overall, I really liked my experience with it, and I'll surely play it again soon! Keep up the good work!

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Nevermind the sound, apparently it was a one time thing. Also, in the Talon Tech Lab, the names and descriptions of the ZOCOM and Steel Talon Tier 2 upgrades are Nod's Essesence of light and Black Fire, and you can get both upgrades at the same time.

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flashknight33 Author

Thx for the notes buddy :)
Well.. For the tiers thats intentional that u can research zocom 1 and then talon 2 for example that to give variety of options to play with so at the same time 4 players can play with gdi yet they have different combos of units ( as talon 1,2 , zocom 1,2 ir a mix if them)
But its not supposed to research both upgrades of the same tier at the same time. Ill be checking for that

The English bugs shall be fixed cheers for that :)

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i may help buds
i can help being:
-idea man


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downloading :)

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