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Red Alert 3 Mod Eastern Loong is a mod based on RA3 official version 1.12. The mod presents you with a Chinese faction Tianchao, which is completely different with the 3 original factions. The mod was first developed in 2011, until Feb. 2017, the newest version released in Chinese is Eastern Loong OV2.1. Now the team is working on the English version of the mod and we will release Eastern Loong's English version in the future.

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Eastern Loong Special Feature

Great Wall style structures

Tianchao structures are designed with Chinese style featuring the Great wall, which made them different from the other factions.

Antimatter Technology

Tianchao developed unique antimatter technology and used it to arm their forces. Currently, antimatter weapons are the most powerful ones in Tianchao's arsenal and have great influence during combat.

Complete dubbing for all units

The mod was dubbed by dubbing teams coming from all over China. All Tianchao units speak fluent Chinese.

Complete introduction videos

All Tianchao units have introduction videos which are dubbed in Chinese and have same quality to the introduction videos made for official units.

Unique way of construction

All Chinese structures are deployed to the battlefield from the sky, presenting the players with the unique design of the mod.

The MOD initiator
MuXing, Yangqs

Overall planning and members of the MOD
MuXing, Yangqs, 纳米蒂丝,光恶天使

The main members of the MOD code development
MuXing, ACU, Yangqs, WCAK47の運命,从欣来过,冷月,百合子临死前

The MOD main members of the sketch design
MuXing,~飞∮乐 ¢,=★=,桑雷德,Fonaze,Silence

The MOD model making main members
MuXing, ssed angel,Mr.星之残骸,凯★炫之舞,孤漠

The MOD animation key personnel

The MOD LOGO and UI design

The MOD character description and dubbing text

The MOD main members of the voice and sound recording


Dubbing director


The voice of community


Voice actors table

And thanks to all of this MOD helpful friends, thank you very much.



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