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Main information about Caste development and plans on future.

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Generally speaking, Caste is envisaged as a full-scale project. During development there are sometimes unforeseen difficulties, but, basically, we are able to avoided them.

● What is the main essence of the project?
Its meaning is to restore most of the older developments Valve regarding Half-Life 2.
As you may have correctly noted, we are restoring an old story in accordance with their own convictions. It's easy to see that we almost do not use
original source material, like wc-mappack. Everything is in harmony with the original idea, but using their own resources.

● What exactly should appear in the Caste?
This is the first co-op mode, for complete the mod scenary in the company of up to 4 friends, good old deathmatch and of course CTF and CP modes on the maps with the original style, atmosphere, and with new features and gameplay. Secondly, the very unique atmosphere of total despotism Combine, a grim situation of general oppression and suppression. And thirdly, all those things we would like to see in Half-Life 2, but that did not were artificial selection, and fell under the scissors of Valve.

● Which location approved at the moment?
At the moment, is in full swing and the development of C17, Air Exchange Complex, in the future we plan to take a Weather Control, Wastelands, and another very interesting, we invented the location. The plot will be divided accordingly into chapters, the transition type between them is planned to be like Left 4 Dead.

● What weapons will be recreated in full?
Only weapon that has a specific meaning in the gameplay, and which would logically fit into the environment of the surrounding world.
Approved by: AR2 (OICW), Gauss Gun, Flare Gun (or Incediary Rifle), Immolator (Cremator Gun).
Unequivocally excluded: Manhack Control, Phys Gun, Antlion Thumper, Extinguisher, Hopwire.
Others still have a chance to get to, if not the co-op, in deathmatch and other multiplayer mode.

● What are the characters and monsters are planned in the game?
To date, almost completed Cremator, if all goes well, the game will be present and other characters from the old plot, such as the Combine Guard Synth and Combine Super Soldier. Also present and all the familiar Houndeye, Bullsquid, Female Assassin, and others.

● Will the improvement in technical terms the engine Source?
Sure, we now have a fully working dynamic shadows. With the help of a special library has been improved processing of sounds and their speech.
In the near future we plan to build support for Depth of Field, a beautiful handling of underwater surfaces, and a few other effects.

● When the planned completion of the project?
As the saying goes, when it's done, but we focus on the second half of 2011, when the current composition of the team and available resources.
Also in our plans to release a demo version ... However, we still have a discussion about the form in which to produce it.

We also want to add that we would not prevent talented people ready to help in the development. Whether it mappers, coders or modellers. In your power to help-approximation of the release date.

Who is develop the Caste?
.Kave - Leader, Coder, weak mapper also ;)
Soul of Dark Light - Coder, Mapper, Modeller
unI3ind - Mapper, Art-Designer, Texture artist.

Cremat0r - - 6,885 comments

Co-op mod, you don't use leak-material but your own work, etc.
Can't wait, really!!

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Evom - - 9 comments

Very poorly written.

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RancidRandy - - 663 comments

Btw is Caste still doomed as of now?

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HLWATCHER - - 114 comments

Sad is dead as most biggest and highest hopes ambitions............

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