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Caromble! by one-day-a-week indies is now available on Steam Early Access after 6 years of development

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Caromble! is now available on Steam Early Access!

This is Caromble!: A fresh new take on the brick break game!♫ Free the corrupted world and fight evil with physics-based destruction, puzzles, explosions, skill-levels, power-ups, mayhem, more explosions, further puzzles, speedruns, superscore medals, unlockable challenges and much more.

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Why Early Access?

Watch our Early Access video explaining our intention and goals if you're more a fan of listening than reading!

Caromble! is ready to meet gaming enthusiasts who want to take part in our development process. This is NOT yet the complete game and we motivate you to buy Caromble! in Early Access only if you like to be part of the creative process of fine tuning and polishing Caromble!. Also, you should expect occasional gameplay bugs or other issues in this phase.

We are only 5 guys working part-time on this game every Friday of every week since 2009. Now, it is time for us to step out of our developer garage - actually from our kitchen tables - and share Caromble! with the world! We would like your input to balance and improve the Caromble! experience. In this phase you can have a major impact on the development process. Your input on power-ups, boss-fights, skill-levels and anything you want to share with us will helps us tweak the difficulty and make the game challenging from beginning to end.

Furthermore, It is unlikely that we have found every bug ourselves. A community that can help us with finding the remaining bugs and technological or compatibility issues is something infinitely valuable to our small team with our limited resources.

We would love to meet you and hear what you think of Caromble and how you think it can be even better. Get your hands dirty on this work-in-progress and help us to finish Caromble! to make it the brickbreaker you’ve been waiting for!

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

Until we and the community are happy with the game. In the best case scenario we'll release the complete game in Q1 2016. However, as we only work on Caromble! for one day a week, a later release might be more realistic.

We have already created the contents of all 6 chapters, which we now want to polish, balance and tweak. We will gradually add new story and skill levels to the Early Access build.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

The final version will have more content, better performance, and provide a more stable experience. The first Early Access release contains one story mode chapter - containing 4 story levels - and 2 skill levels. We’ll continue to add content until all 6 story chapters are in the game, along with more challenging skill levels and backstory elements.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

All core gameplay mechanics of Caromble! are in place. The first Early Access build will contain the first chapter, and allows the player to unlock two skill levels. This build can be finished in about 30-60 minutes depending on the player's skill. Collecting all the medals and reaching the highscores on both skill levels will take more time.

We’ve tested the build on about every machine we could get our hands on. On those machines the build was stable. But, being a small team lacking resources, it is hard for us to have access to all hardware out there. So yes, there might be bugs. We'll fix them with the highest priority, but we only have a single day every week (and an occasional night) in which we can do this.

We think the production value is close to the quality of the final build. That is, unless the community's feedback proves otherwise.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Caromble! will have the same price during Early Access as when it hits full release. In the end everyone will have the same content. Therefore, we feel that the price should not be different. The player can decide when it's Caromble! time: if you want to be a part of the development process, that time is now!

How are we planning on involving the Community in your development process?

Community involvement is our reason to be available in Early Access. We want the player's feedback as much as possible! We'll use Caromble's Steam forum with separate topics for bugs, features, difficulty, etc. We will create some polls about Caromble!'s gameplay features like power-ups, and we might even release the level editor to the more brave and bug-resilient members of our community.

Furthermore, we keep a development blog and will respond to messages on Twitter (@Caromble) and Facebook.

We will spend as much time working with the community to finish and improve Caromble! as necessary to make it the brickbreaker game you have always dreamed of.

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