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We are proud to reveal the multiple skins the Carnotaurus will have in-game along with some Spinosaurus art! Some will be more rare than others, such as the Albino Carnotaurus.

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Check out the teaser here!


Along with that, we had our friend C-Compiler draw us this beautiful piece. It is a Spinosaurus devouring Mawsonia SP.

Spinosaurus Illustration:

Check them out at: C-Compiler DevArt


Tiger Carno :

Tiger Carno

Blood Tiger Carno :

Blood Tiger Carno

Blood Carno :

Blood Carno

Albino Carno :

Albino Carno

Default Carno :

Default Carno


You can check out the other images of past dinosaurs here:

Feel free to see Manuels work on DevArt here:

Manuel(Lead Model Designer) :

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