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First Win of the Day, Servermessages, Playerslots, Playericons.

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Welcome to the 13th Capsular Development Blog. This week i worked on a First Win of the Day system, A Server notification system, Playerslot system and i added Playericons to the scoreboard and round end.

First Win of the Day:
I added a first win of the day system wich will grant bonus gold and exp if you win a round in Capsular. I made it so i can tweak the bonus gold and exp values inside by backend system, so balancing how much bonus gold and exp the players get should be very easy. The way it works is that once you login you will see a notification underneath your steam avatar if you have your first win of the day available. After you used your first win of the day the bonus will be locked for 24h indicated by a timer. I hope this system will encourage players to play atleast 1 round of Capsular daily.

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I made it posible for me to display global server messages. So if a patch is causing problems i can prevent everyone from playing the game. Or notify the players that a feature is broken and a hotfix is on the way.

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I increased the number of bots you can have on a server. The new max is now 11 bots. If you set your Max Player slots to 12 you will be able to add 11 bots. Players always have a higher priority then bots. So if a player joins a server 1 bot will get kicked. If the player leaves again the bot will rejoin. So now you can host games with a lot of bots in it without the game dying. I also fixed that you can have more bots on the server then there are slots on the server.

I added little icons to each player inside the scoreboard. The icon background color will change based on the color of the player. The icon will always show the currently equiped cosmetic. This makes it more easy to identify players on the server.

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Even bots got icons!

I am sorry for this rather short development blog. I hope that i can show more next week.

That's it for this week! Make sure to follow the game on Twitter! Also checkout the new IndieDB page if you have some time. Until next week!

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