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This week i am talking about weapon skin and announcer packs. Wich are bought ingame using ingame money.

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Welcome to the 12th Capsular Development Blog. This week i release a pretty big and importand update so let's just dive in.

Weapon Skins:
As you might know in Capsular each round you earn coins that you can spend on items. This week i added multiple groups of items to the game. For now you can buy Hats, Weapon Skins and Announcerpacks.

Here are some of the skins you can buy:

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User Posted Image

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All of these skins are available for all weapons!

Announcer Packs:
Some really talented people helped me to create new announcer voices for the game. You can now buy different announcers to customize your Capsular expirience.

The following Announcers are avaiable to buy:

(Voiced by Sparktite)

(Voiced by Dion Mager)

(Voiced by Mark Mueller)

Thanks to all of my voice actors and special thanks to Jana for making the announcerpacks possible!

That's it for this week! Make sure to follow the game on Twitter! Also checkout the new IndieDB page if you have some time. Until next week!

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