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Take a look at the awesome cannon and its mutant-blasting abilities. Also, take some input in upcoming test room that will be available for you to fiddle with.

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Hi there,

It's almost 2.30am here in Cracow and the video is uploading to Youtube right as I'm writing these lines. I'll be waking up to go to work in about 4 hours, so I'll try to keep this a bit short.

On last news, people wanted to see a cannon implemented, and here's the cannon - take a look at it on the video below:

As I described it in previous posts, it's a very powerful weapon but it has a very slow rate of fire. My question is, should I make it slower? What do you think? Right now it's set to 200 cadence. However, I was thinking maybe 400 or 500 would be OK. We should consider the fact that this weapon is quite powerful and it shouldn't be a life-saver for every opportunity. The player will only be able to carry 5 cannonballs (upgradeable to 7).

Just to clarify, the fact that I decided to make the cannon (guided by your lovely comments) doesn't mean that there won't be an Uzi. The Uzi is in progress (hopefully ready by the end of this week) along with the C4 (track for explosives!!! :D).

As per the Test room...well, what you see on the video above is basically what I have so far. There is a button that generates a random horde and I'll reuse the same code to make a "horde mode" minigame to put in the Test Room. Nothing fancy to be expected here, just a random generation of mutants coming from one side or the other side and a score meter.

The thing is, would you like me to actually let you download that and play with it? Spawn the monsters, test them one by one, test different weapons, etc...If the answer is affirmative, just bear in mind it will still take me some time to have the testroom ready for you people. Only after the light system is done, and that will take me at least a couple of weeks after the Uzi and C4 are ready.

And last but not least, the humblebundle giveaway. As always, there's one for you out there. If you're found by me among Sewer Tea's trackers or I see one comment that will make me smile, I'm not going to lie - most probable thing you'll get it. The winner of the third giveaway will be revealed tomorrow ;)


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