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Update and explaining what is going on and what I am doing currently.

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I'm going to cancel this for now, as I originally wanted to make a mod for Half-Life 1, and I am now. I am not fully cancelling this mod, I just want to work with hammer for now as I'm more interested in that and feel like doing so. I've watched some videos, and set Half-Life SDK (Hammer for HL1) and now I know the basics, I will continue to practice and am in the works of a mod right now, but I won't post anything until I get some major work done as the map itself has little to show. It won't have any custom textures, sounds or models yet because again, I am still very newbie to map making, and those three things are a whole other thing. I will just focus on trying to make the map not terrible, look nice, have some decent scripting and have a basic but not bland or boring story. Anyways, that is just a simple update. Stay tuned!

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