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So, lets jump into the campaigns: It will be a five grand campaigns with this mod, each camapgin will includes some historical events and stuff like that.

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FIRST CAMPAIGN: 500 to 440 b.C The Persian Wars Campaign

This will include a hell different types of hoplites, ships, horses and every historical accurate of this time.
In this campaign will be able to play as greeks, persians, asians(Different to the Achaemenid Empire) and some neutral factions. The map will focuse in Greece, Thrace and Asia.

SECOND CAMPAIGN: 430 b.C to 350 b.C The Pelopponesian Wars, Corinthian War and After Battle of Leuktra
The map will focuse in Magna Graecia, Greece, Asia and Macedon. It will have a hell of different greek factions and hoplites. The diplomacy will be more hard that vanilla.

THIRD CAMPAIGN: 340 b.C to 320 b.C Rise of Macedon, Alexander Conquests

The map will focuse in Greece, Makedon, Thrace,Asia and Africa. The military focuse will be in the macedonian phalanx and average hoplites. The diplomacy will not change never and it will have an average different factions.

FOUR CAMPAIGN: 320 to 250 (Diadochi Wars, Epirus and Rising of Rome Supremacy)
The map will focuse in Greece, Italy, Magna Graecia, Africa, Makedon, Thrace and Egypt.
The military focuse will be in improve Rome and the diplomacy of war will not change, that means that the Diadochis will not be able to change the diplomacy that they have with the others.

FIFTH CAMPAGIN: 240 to 100 A.C Roman Empire and Gallic Wars
The map will focuse in Italy, Greece and Gallia.
The military focuse will be in Roman Improve and Gallic Improve. It will have no hoplites and a hell of legionnaries and barbarian infantry.

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