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Epic, heroic battles with new tactics and strategies.

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Come on GameRanger to play with us normal game or Fair Mod!


Small, easy to install/uninstall (takes ~ 15 seconds)


Main Mod Changes

(better AI because of the new battle system)

(new maps from Belle Mod)

(disabled 1-line formations! Ai uses good formations now!!!)


  1. Units have more HP
  2. Units have more morale
  3. Units stats re-done
  4. Units repriced.
  5. New units
  6. New general Traits
  7. Balancing, some units do not have warcry any more. Some of the barbarian units can make testudo.
  8. Buildings have new perks. Look at bonus/handicaps that a building does before making it.
  9. Siege engines are bigger, stronger, more accurate but lower ammo. Yes, even ballista is great.
  10. Many new units can hide. So more strategy and ambushes can be done.
  11. Units are more focused on their particular skill. Aka, cavalry for charging, spears to fight cav, infantry to massacre in long battle.
  12. All archers have the same huge range.
  13. Slingers have armor piercing.
  14. Ships have less HP and more attack so naval battles will be deadlier.
  15. Factions are balanced between each-other.
  16. Rome gives bigger rewards for missions. Rome mission have a bigger time to be completed. You are no longer a slave to the senate.
  17. Game lasts longer than the past time limit.
  18. Elephants and chariots no longer berserk. Elephants can be killed with normal arrows and siege engines, even with spears or cav charges.
  19. Replaced some units.
  20. Cav using spear = bonus vs cav, penalty vs infantry. When switching to swords= faster attack speed (weaker vs cav but better vs infantry). Use swords in prolong melee. Tho spear pushes the enemy soldiers.
  21. In campaign, mercenaries are very buffed but also very expensive so that they are good late-game as well.
  22. Trait bonuses for diplomat, assassin, spy to make them more effective.
  23. New traits for admirals.
  24. Game is realistic. Pillum and javelins are very effective. Use them wisely.
  25. Poeni Infantry have long spears.
  26. Changed training time for units.
  27. Changed battle system.
  28. Mercenaries have been improved. Now they are very good late game, as well as early game.
  29. Some factions prefer naval invasions. So you might have some surprises.
  30. The equipment a unit is wearing defines its greatness.
  31. Artillery is 4 instead of 2.
  32. Balanced weak unit+upgrades vs elite unit with no upgrades. Yes, you can win with hastati if they have enough upgrades.
  33. Balanced factions between each-other.
  34. Some missiles are faster.
  35. Fixed problem with walls in campaign (the siege tower bug).
  36. Time limit for campaign increased with ~ 2004 years.
  37. General cavalry (even barbarian) has secondary weapon.
  38. Javelins are more accurate.
  39. Disabled nature bonus for factions.
  40. Replaced Spartan Skin.
  41. Each faction has 1 spear in custom battle.
  42. Added more mercenaries in custom battle.
  43. New quotes for the loading screen.
  44. And more.


A new story begins with every child born. One of these children, is you, a hero, who will change the shape of the world. There will be many new challenges outside and inside your country. Your warriors will be loyal and march by your side. Some will betray you tho, for a pot of gold. But nevertheless you will grow stronger, mightier and braver, challenging the world itself to war.

Enter in a world where dangerous assassins lurk among the shadows, diplomats travel the world and young generals wage wars to make a name for themselves. Pirates and rebels want a taste of the struggle as well so expect the unexpected and keep a garrison ready at all times.

This world will challenge your tactical skill beyond your limits. Can you survive the struggle?


Rally, rally the troops! The battle is not yet over!


Many new units from the FATW mod. Check them out: Click Me

Some new units from this mod (it is decent. Devs were quite lazy with it.) Click Me


Some great small youtubers:




perfect-much better battle

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Loht Author

If you upload any videos with this mod on youtube, send me the link and I will add your video to the mod showcase :)

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