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About development of TLHotTA and thing which I wanted to add a long time ago. Artillery switcher.

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Hello all.
Firstly, I want to say about nearest plans of mod's future. After patch 1.1, which will be released in the end of December, I'm planning to work on campaign.
Generally, I already wanted to add campaign in 2012, after 0.31 release. And I even had started working, but I understood that mod (and game) isn't suitable for my plans.
And what I want? In short:

  • 3rd person missions with dialogs. Of course, handling isn't too convenient, but it's possible.
  • Epic battles with a little movie-style scenes.
  • Hero battles (as in Third Age game for consoles).

So, first and third items wouldn't hard to releasing, but second item was a real problem.
Why? Just because in original game (and in TLHotTA 0.31) units aren't suitable for epic battles. They moving too fast and funny, they don't look normally in planning-battles (directed battles). In addition, not every faction has full set of siege weapons (as siege ladders\towers and battering rams), but it was needed for my plans.
And I decided that I must rework all missing aspects, before I would work on campaign.
So, now first stage is completed (well, almost) and I can start creating campaign. But I don't know exactly, maybe I willn't have enough time to do it, so it isn't definitive decision.
Well, now I show you my little developments in campaign direction by 2012:



Dock of Minas-Tirith




Dagorlad battle

Well, not all are ideal, but I think, that now I can do it better a lot ;) If I will have enough time and desire.

And second thing I want to say is artillery switcher in launcher, which will be in 1.1 version.
You will be able to turn off/on all artillery in mod. I decide to create this possibility because of many people didn't like my ideas about Modern Middle-Earth.

It all for now.
See you.


Impressive work! keep it up.

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great work awesome

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