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Some updates on the overall game - check the devlog to cop a feel - story and artwork! Next build in the works.

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First devlog is online! Check it here:

I'm considering doing many more of these in the future, whenever I have something to show off, because this one was more fun to do than I thought it would be. This blog will still be updated (and in fact I should do this more often).


What I thought came a bit too short in the devlog was the current state of the story. The first half of the game is carefully planned out, with many diverse locations to explore. Some uncertainty exists, especially how well the gameplay is going to go along together with the story, but I am sure I will take on these challenges successfully. It will take me a while to draw out all cut scenes and get the dialog into the game, but I am very excited to work on it overall. Many of the proofreaders who volunteered reading so far called it an "interesting" and "inspirational" story. (Again, thank you for providing valuable feedback and criticism, you know who you are.)


I have a lot of concept art in progress. Here are the three main characters in the game, all playable at some point in the story. The picture is still a work in progress (I want to offer the highest quality I am able to pull off, so it takes me ages to get each character even done).

Next Build?

Next playable build is in the works! I expect it to be ready sometime in the next two weeks. Some things have yet to be fixed before I release it, but granted it's going to be be a huge difference compared to the last build I have distributed publicly. The game is slowly getting out of the demo stage, and once I have the first two missions completed, I'll start putting a price tag on it. The game will very cheap first, and I will only raise the price as I add more features and missions.

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