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Unit icon update, plus some info about the upcoming release.

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Some cameos (icons) were updated:
Allied Heavy Trooper.

Allied Delta Trooper icon created by Medalmonkey.

Yuri Mind Destroyer, LU.

Allied Nemesis Bomber.

Yuri Lieutenant.

Metalman icon made by ArgCmdr.

There was some progress behind the scene, but it's a secret for now. Mostly experimental, like updating textures of existing units. They probably will be scrapped anyway, so as to have at least a mod somewhat loayl to the original game.

To disclaim anything you could suspect: ;-D
The next release will contain naval buildings.
And it may be released around the end of the week, this week, or another one.

AI must be done, too. That means that instead of version 0.91 or something, you'll get 0.95. Very close to the final one!
BTW, only Medium/Hard AI will be updated, i.e. easy AI will be still easy (i.e. easy computer opponents won't use new stuff; new units, so Easy AI will be very crippled, giving you a plenty of time to get to know some of ASM features).

Thanks for reading, and watching the mod for so many months, weeks or days! :-)


The new cameos are better, but the older Yuri Mind Destroyer cameo, on my opinion, is better

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feillyne Author

Thanks for the opinion. Hmmm, the background is a bit odd, even if Mind Destroyer itself is better in the previous icon.

Maybe I could replace the old icon background with the new cameo's background. :-D

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