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Review indie games, or just games in general? We may have something for your next article!

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Do you so happen to be one of those people in the world who reviews games? Do you run or are a part of a big game-review website or YouTube channel? If so, we have an idea for your next article!

If you review upcoming games that are unreleased (such as reviewing concepts/basic storyline), then why not review our wonderful project, Age of Warscape? We'd always appreciate any kind of feedback on our project so far, and are open to constructive feedback/professional game reviewers! If you review Age of Warscape and post it publicly, then please send a link to, or post it on our forums.

Yep, that's it. Not much of a long news post, that's for sure... but still, we'd appreciate any feedback on our project so far! We are nearing the end of the Planning Phase, and want to know how we stand at this point.

Thanks for reading!

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