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Sharing whats been up in developing call of quake. Next update will be in a little bit so apply today! We need all the help we can get

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Hello, community and fans hear with another update. We have been very busy but we are getting work done slowly... Today i will be telling you perks,maps,guns that we have added in,our game now to start :D.

You have a preset of 3 perks they are

Commando: Double ammout of health
Recon: Sniper added as ur weapon
Extended Mags: 30 extra bullets.


Complex: A russian office complex
Backlot: (in next update)
Chernobyl: that classified :D


Another thing i shall share is IGnet "Infinity Games Network" is a tool developed by me for the devs of infinity games it creates servers for pc and psp and it can ban anyone who cheats in that matter we have also added cheat system lets say u change your speed to 200 to 300 you will be kicked from any game u join until u change it back to original speed. As well of health ect.. It is still in development

Kill Streaks
Not gona add them i tested a heli and it was to laggy it went from 60 fps to 14 fps. We want the best experence for our players. As well it will be a gun on gun game no campin will be tolerated.

Stay tuned for more updates apply today and help make the game be done faster :D

PSP-H4CKERxX - - 502 comments

Nice now add gameplay

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Elyne Author
Elyne - - 157 comments

Im deff planing on doing that dident have the time tonight maby tomorow :D

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unknow5763 - - 905 comments

cool cant wait looked as if this died which would have been a shame :)

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Elyne Author
Elyne - - 157 comments

No i will not let this die.

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Nixtwiz - - 195 comments

Double health seems a bit overkill..
and why would it require a perk to use a sniper?

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Elyne Author
Elyne - - 157 comments

The perks listed are more for testing they will most likly change.

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