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This is version 3.49 of California Megamod, released in 20 september 2022, if you want version 3.5 then you will have to wait sometime in 2023 when it's ready for uploading. in the meantime you could try this version, if you want to try it then here you can download it. Download links below. Download all files and check each part has the right size, uncompleted or corrupted files can not be installed (will fail) so if any file is smaller than it should be then download it again.

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California Megamod 3.49 RELEASED !


CaliforniaMegamod349.part01.exe Size: 1.740.800 KB (1,66 GB)

CaliforniaMegamod349.part02.rar Size: 1.740.800 Kb (1,66 GB)

CaliforniaMegamod349.part03.rar Size: 1.740.800 Kb (1,66 GB)

CaliforniaMegamod349.part04.rar Size: 1.740.800 Kb (1,66 GB)

CaliforniaMegamod349.part05.rar Size: 677,467 KB (661 MB)


  • Download all 5 files and put all of them in same folder.
  • Make sure you have more than 16 GB free in your hard drive.
  • login into a windows administrator account (if there is only one then it probably is an admin.
  • Doble click CaliforniaMegamod349.part01.exe
  • Click BROWSE button to Select the folder where you want to install For example: C:\Games\ or C:\Juegos\
  • Click EXTRACT to begin installation.
  • Wait for installation to finish.
  • A Shortcut will appear in your desktop.

California Megamod 3.49 installer


  • Double click the Shortcut in your desktop named "California Megamod 3.49".
  • If windows asks if you want to install something (directplay) then click yes (start again).
  • Click in California Megamod picture (unless you want to play without mods).
  • Click the picture of the Mod You want to play.
  • Select the Screen Resolution (1920 x 1080 x 32 for example or 1680 x 1050 x 32), click ok.
  • Wait, it takes a long time in black screens (maybe 3 minutes), but everything is OK, have faith.
  • ALWAYS START A NEW GAME (saved files probably will only work in the story mode: starman mod)
  • Enjoy.

California Megamod 3.49 Launcher

One of the best features of California Megamod is that is extremely flexible, and has tons of options, for example you will have at anytime a customized cheats menu with different sections avaliable with the keys F5 (main menu), F6 (vehicle spawn menu), F7 (Player character menu), F8 (teleport menu), also with F9 you can enable/disable and select Neon Lights under any car (32 colors available), and with F10 you can get any vehicle fixed when broken, in fire or upside down (it will also paint the car if it has any paintjobs).

Also with the PageUP key (RePag key in spanish keyboard) you can enable/disable Flying in cars and . And there is a new feature, if you press SHIFT key while driving any vehicle you will get a very heavy impulse (extreme speed aceleration effect) usefull if you fall to the water and want to get out, or if you want to escape from police or heavy fire. And there are a lot of options in cheat menu to customize your gameplay as you like. Also for this new version i have added some new missions for some mods.

But this is just the begginning, the best feature of the megamod is that it has a ton lot of content and options, each mod has a lot of shared content from the starman mod, but also, each mod can have their own, characters, vehicles, weapons, and other stuff, so each one may look like a total conversion mod on their own, and you can even add your own mod made by yourself, also you still will be able to play without mods at anytime if you want to. (multiplayer mods are not yet available in this version, you will have to wait for 2023 version.)

Mods are designed to share content and are disposed as layers, so that they will use less megabytes, Think about each mod like a photoshop layer, you can have some mods in the background (landscape, vehicles, characters, weapons, effects, etc) and if you want to add a special character for your own mod, you only need to add the model and texture for your character in the top layer (your mod folder) and everything else will be in the background layer, coming from a base mod named starman mod, so you dont have to include the same vehicles and other lot content again and again for each mod, you can just share whatever you want and customize only what you need, for example you can even choose to use (in any mod) any type of content like characters or vehicles (or even cities) from starman mod of from alien city mod, depending if your mod is based in a realistic or science fiction theme.

custom game launcher

California Megamod comes with a tool that allows you to launch the game with a customized combination of mods selected by yourself, without the need for changing anything at all. and also there is a Profile Launcher, for playing any posible combination of mods already defined.

game profile launcher

This version of the megamod have been developed and tested under windows 10, (it also works fine in windows 7 like previous versions). This version requires a better graphic card than previous versions because it includes a new version of ENB Series Mod with water reflections, realistic shadows and lighting, etc. to make the game look more realistic. Make sure you have installed latest drivers for your graphic card, the ones that comes with windows are not enough to play games, they are basic ones just for the windows desktop to work, download the good ones from the developer website (nvidia or amd). Also you will probably need to install some content from the Microsoft website (just search in google), you probably need Directx 9.0c Runtimes, DirectPlay, and the latest version of DirectX, you also many need to install some visual c runtimes, in IMAGES section i have a picture of all the ones i have installed in my computer, although you probably dont need to have all of them in your pc to make the california megamod work fine, but it will help those with troubles. in any case it will not harm your computer to have all of them. (though you will need a 64 bits windows to be able to install all versions, if your system is 32 bits only then you probably will not even have enough free ram to play the game because in 32 bits windows no matter how much ram you installed it can only use less than 4 GB, and its recommended to have 16 or at least 8 GB of ram installed in your pc and a 64 bit windows to be able to access all that memory).

Anyway keep in mind this is a work in progress beta version of the 3.5 version of the project, so some mods still have bugs, some things are old, unfinished and or need to be updated (like loading screens), there may be some visual bugs (textures that do not match or need to be replaced), and there may be some crashes in certain parts of certain mods (avoid las vegas and the desert specially if you use a lot the cheatsmenu available with the keys F5, F6, F7, F). Anyway, even with all those bugs, i'm sure you will be able to have a lot of fun playing with your favourite mods.

The biggest problem the california megamod 3.49 has right now, is that, because the new ENB series, there will be times when the screen changes to black, that it will take too much time to get back (a minute or more), and you may think it has crashed, but no, it is working fine, just have patience and wait a bit more, dont touch any key in black screens, just wait, unless you really want to make it crash. when the game crashes it closes and send you back to the window's desktop, so black screen does not mean it has crashed.

Write a comment if it worked fine for you, with a short description of your computer, people which failed to make it work will comment asking for help. and so if you dont write a comment too, saying it worked fine for you, then people will think it does not work at all. and nobody will try it. So, good feeedback is needed too.

if you want to support me and help me, then just click subscribe in my youtube channel it's free, and watch a video every day.



Playlist with some Videos of California Megamod versions 3.49 to 3.40. Note that if you open the list with a click in the list icon then you can select any video that you want to watch, instead of watching all of them in the fixed order of the playlist, (you can also open the playlist in youtube) Please subscribe (it's free)

dibdob - - 1,333 comments

Thanks ! Nice to see a new version after all this time :) .

I'll download and then play it tomorrow and see if runs ok on my AMD cpu+Nividia card.

I'm sure it will be ok ,always has been before.
Though before i had an Intel cpu and AMD card.

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Guest - - 692,200 comments

Experienced extreme lag with ENB, computer with GTX 1650 Ti GPU with latest game ready driver, 16 GB RAM, 10th gen i7 CPU. Crashes instantly on some mods such as total conversion mods (CARMA, Alien City). Other mods like the Myths mod are highly unstable. Game looks ugly without ENB from what I have seen so far. Have all recommended runtimes, excluding the "2015" (NOT 2015-2022) runtime. Uninstalled for now.

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starmanfp Author
starmanfp - - 739 comments

Alien city and Grand Carma city should work fine without crashes. something must be missing, what about .net framework? which version do you have?

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starmanfp Author
starmanfp - - 739 comments

ignore all .exe files (they will crash or will launch the game without mods, thats not the right way to start the game) Always start the game with the launcher help.hta or CaliforniaMegamod.hta they are made specially for this purpose, they will launch the game with the right parameters for any selected mod.

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Guest - - 692,200 comments

Alien City and Grand Carma City seem to crash due to ENB, as its on by default and causes my game to lag severely to the point of crashing. I don't start the game from any .exe, only the desktop shortcut that comes after installation, which opens the launcher. I don't appear to have a .net framework, only an "XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0" I installed for another program a long while back.

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starmanfp Author
starmanfp - - 739 comments

some mods may need some runtimes not documented. i have installed all these, so
download and install all those runtimes and updates for DirectX (in order of year, starting from older to newer) and check if everything works now:

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starmanfp Author
starmanfp - - 739 comments

Also make sure no antivirus is interfering with the game. Because the way some mods work they may look suspicious activity, i dont know, maybe not, but because i dont want to take the risk of losing any file, i have the california megamod folder added to excluded folders in the windows 10 antivirus configuration (just to make sure it doesnt delete or block any file).

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starmanfp Author
starmanfp - - 739 comments

Next version of california megamod is coming soon some time in this year 2023, i can't say a date because i already did and failed some months ago, so i just can say i'm working everyday to get it as completed as possible, and as soon as possible.
Also it may not be called 3.5 version when launched, it deserves at least 4.0 version, or maybe 5.0, due to so many changes, new features and lot of new stuff that makes it totally different from version 3.49, most of this new content was not even planned for this version. i even reorganized a lot of files and renamed files and folders etc. and for that reason you should not try to mix it or install it on top of any previous version. because you would **** it and it will not work. always install a new version in a different folder and after some time that you have fully tested it then you can delete the older version.

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starmanfp Author
starmanfp - - 739 comments

If the game crashes after installation and you have all required runtimes installed then try these steps.

1- Empty or Delete these folders:

2- make sure this folder is empty:
...\California Megamod\cleo\cleo_saves\

3- Delete all *.set files (gta_sa.set , config.set, ajuste.set) in these folders:
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\California Megamod Savedir

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files

4- you will have to configure settings in graphics, resolution, sound, keyboard, mouse, and language in the game menus but just one time for each mod

5- Always start a new game (only exception is starman mod story mode where you may be able to load saved games, but for this time just start a new game if the game have been crashing)

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