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As of today you can now pre-order your copy of Caffeine for the discounted price of $15!

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It is with great excitement to announce that Caffeine is now available for pre-order over on The Rift Arcade!

Pre-ordering will get you a Steam key & a DRM-free version of the game on release in mid 2015.

In other news I just released a new video showcasing the real-time distance field ray-traced soft shadows in use for Caffeine, be sure to check that out below!


Can't wait

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I don't think i'd spend $15 on this, i cannot even play the demo for a long time because the sudden frame freeze gives me headache (streaming issue?) and the visual glitches are very noticable (LoD or Shadow detail switching).

I'm on a fairly good system and had no issues with other UE4 demos and even tried lower graphic settings, but the freeze remained.

Beside that, i miss some more interactivity in that game.
The only thing you can do so far is slowly walking arround and activate one voice recorder.
What about the ability to run for a short time?
What about beeing able to interact with some enviromental props like... coffee machine?
What about Finding objects and codes that enable you to access previously locked Areas?

What about a map feature? IMO very important for any kind of exploration game.
You might even get away with placing them in certain rooms like an emergency evacuation plan.

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I don't mind if this is another Dear Esther type game, but at $15 (for the pre-order) it better have more value to it.

Best of luck, though. It's hard to find success in this indie game market.

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