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Today, the Tiberium Conspiracy Team revealed the first of two new factions. This leads to a reunion with an "old friend". Who could that be? Read it for yourself!

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Hello Community!

Today we have new informations about our
modification CnC 3.5 Tiberium Conspiracy. The first new faction will be
an “old friend”. CABAL, the AI which already created a lot of trouble in
the Tiberian Sun Add-On Firestorm! So we prepared an announcement of GDI
Secretary-General Jonathan Ben for his commanders:

From: Secretary-General Jonathan Ben
To: All combat units
Priority: Alpha-1
Subject: CABALs return

Commander, today our greatest fears have come true. The GDI intelligence corps acknowledged that our new enemy is CABAL.
The exact circumstances of his return are not completely clear, but we know for sure, that he had some help.
Our utmost duty is to find out how CABAL had the ability to return and how could we end the menace to the public he displays.
Commander, if you encounter the enemy you are authorized to utilize all means which are necessary to destroy the enemy.
we need to gather information about the troops CABAL uses. We need a
complete analysis of our enemy to be successful.
End of message

So: CABAL is back. But how did he come back? What is his motivation? And more importantly: What weapons does he use now?
Feel free to discuss and speculate. Soon there will be more news of the developer team.

The Tiberium Conspiracy Team

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