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"It is unusual to have to upgrade a beta to fix bugs, but if you have to do, I do this..."

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"It is unusual to have to upgrade a beta to fix bugs, but if you have to do, I do this ..." Were the words of Emiliano, after confirming that it will not remove the beta 2 to re-raise, only added a patch that will correct it completely.


"It's uncomfortable to have to start now to create patches, but it would be better to not have too many problems to release the final version. But equally it is very uncomfortable to say it, but BYZEN BETA II has too many errors, especially in multiplayer and bots.

In mentioning this he added:
"Although I have designed the patch, recently will be released tomorrow night to make sure you do not miss anything, so the beta 2 to work properly, so that the player is well adapted to the game. I can also say that this week the creation of the First teaser trailer BYZEN, which show all the features of the game in about 2 minutes of video, and so becomes more popular the game.

I also notice that the final version of BYZEN, will not be released on 10/10/11, but OMEGA release a version that will play the first mission in campaign mode BYZEN, but I tell the players that are just waiting for you: DO NOT WORRY, THE OMEGA VERSION WILL BE A DEMO, AND THAT THE GAME WILL BE released shortly after CLUBS NATIONAL SCIENCE IN URUGUAY "

Campaing concept 1

Asked if it was possible that some new features and answer:

"Of course it is possible, and this I can say that October 10 will have added a mini byzen application to set the game resolution graphics and things to walk the game best on computers with limited resources, and not have problems playing performance. There is much work to design this, but still not implemented byzen autosalvado of items intended for the final version. "

Thinks to improve!!

At the moment no one knows exactly the date the official good game will air polishing and finishing, but not long after announcing the OMEGA version.
For now, BYZEN already have the prologue and 4 missions completed the campaign mode and almost 100% playable.

Grito de asencio MAP

As soon as you upload the patch for the BETA II, it is expected that players who downloaded this, so they can use it to play at a higher level than today.

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