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This article is about the newest youtube channel i created for Buttface Entertainment

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First of all... i wanna thank everyone that has supported me on the development for Five Nights in Minecraft 3, i will make the other games in the series!

Also... please rate the game! Click on Summary and on the right side you'll see a rating box! please rate what you think it deserves!Thankyou

here's a list of what games i think will be coming out first:

Five Nights in Minecraft 3

Five Nights in Minecraft 2

Five Nights in Minecraft 4

Five Nights in Minecraft

FNiM World (FNiM World is not 100% confirmed to be a thing yet! i'm going to have to see how hard it's going to make)

Now! for what the actually post is about :3

I made a YouTube Channel for all my games! Buttface Entertainment is now live and i'll release trailers and such on there (i'll still upload them to my main channel aswell)

here you'll be able to see everything i've done with my games, trailers, gameplay footage and more!


In the related engines section is says GameSalad and Multimedia Fusion so what engine did you use for all of your games. Both, one of them or maybe one for FNiM ad another for Spike Escape. Also I added a review :)

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LucasionGS Author

i've used GameSalad to make Spike Escape 1 - 3
and i've used MMF2 to make Spike Escape 4, 5 and the FNiM Games

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