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We've just released a demo that lets you taste BUTCHER's carnage (and die) for FREE.

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Were you undecided whether it's worth buying BUTCHER or not? We want to help you make a decision right now. Just download the free demo version and feed your primal instincts with one of the most brutal pixel shooters ever made.


It's as brutal to the enemies, as to the player, because the easiest difficulty is 'HARD'.

Don't let the large pixels mislead you. This game is absolutely disgusting... and you're gonna love it. Or hate. Either emotion is right to feel, granted it's EXTREME. Because the full game itself is EXTREME:

  • EXTREME amounts of blood.
  • EXTREMELY low resolution.
  • EXTREME tension and difficulty (just kidding, the 'HARD' mode isn't that hard, you'll eventually get it).
  • EXTREME violence (non 0/1 death, animals are no exception)
  • EXTREME sense of humor (you just don't get it!)
  • EXTREME lack of story

railgun optimized

Grab the demo now and enjoy your massacre!

OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,212 comments

EXTREMELY overrated.

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Guest - - 696,462 comments

You mean underrated, right?

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LurkersLair - - 201 comments

Was it necessary? I mean, we are got full version during summer sale, or not?

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s-m-k Author
s-m-k - - 1 comments

There are still people who hesitate. Also, I just wanted to make 3 levels and release them for free because why not?

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