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Burial Stone the VR dungeon crawl game, now has a steam store page. You can wishlist it and get notified when it's released. Burial Stone is going to be free.

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Burial Stone now has a Steam store page.


Burial Stone's release date is set to May. I hope it will be done by then.

Burial Stone will be free.

Later there might be also a PC version, where you don't need a VR headset to play it.

About Gameplay

Burial Stone is tile base. You control a single character, and you have the "You move, the rest of the world moves with you" mechanics similar to the original Rogue.

You need to use melee weapons, projectiles, equip armor, magic items, and use spells and skills.

You acquire XP, level up, increase your attributes. This will help you fight stronger monster you will encounter deeper in the dungeon.

Your only light source is your torch, so this contribute to the dark and slightly horror.

If you have any questions about the game, please ask me. Here or on the Store Page community Hub.

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