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Greetings, Humans! Today we would like to show you a little bit more about our RTS Game Space Tales. We've taken a few screenshots of the first mission of the game, where you'll have your first encounter with the main enemy in the game: the NEXERA. You'll also see what your base would look like when you are "pacifying" a new planet!

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First of all, a bit more info about the NEXERA.

The Nexera are a violent and brutal alien race driven by their primal instincts to conquer and destroy. They rely on their sheer numbers and ferocity to overwhelm their enemies. They have no regard for other life forms and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, making them a formidable foe in any battle.

Here is a close up look at the main Nexera unit, the NEXERUNT:

close up

Our game being an RTS, you will have to gather resources, build a base, defend it with walls, build units and reach the different objectives that will be assigned to you by the IPE. Here is how your base would look like in Space Tales:


On top of managing your base and the resources, as well as fighting aliens with your army, we really want our game to focus on Space Exploration. The player will be asked to explore the unknown planets and discover what it has to offer to the Human Faction.

Are you ready to cross that bridge... ?


See you soon!

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