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Want to build your own AI for PA? I've written a guide to get you started.

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So before we begin this guide to building your own Planetary Annihilation AI, let me give you my credentials. My name is Quitch and I used to run AI Central for Total Annihilation and Total Annihilation Kingdoms, as well as creating my own Queller AI for these games. I never really became a fan of Supreme Commander, but thankfully Sorian picked up the reigns with his now famous Sorian AI.

Now here we are now with Planetary Annihilation. Sorian is making the official AI and I’m modding it.

I’m going to lay out what I’ve learned, in brief, to give you a headstart on creating your own AI. This guide doesn’t cover everything, that would be a guide vastly more complex than this, but it will provide you with enough to set you well on your way.

Some elements of the AI are moddable while others are not. You can setup build lists for structures, units and platoons. You will provide prioritisations and the criteria which must be met for the build to occur. You can also choose the composition of the AI’s platoons and which micro behaviour is assigned to which squad.

There are two key elements of the AI: the personality and the brain.

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