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Introducing ElementBody universe to future fans and proposals NeoBiel ISWorld for them.

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ElementBody is one of the future worlds developed by NeoBiel ISWorld. Where nature is controlled by prórpia nature. Its inhabitants, from animals to humanoids have characteristics involving fire, water, air, earth and many more. Initially, the studio has struggled to make a good story development to be presented to the players. We still have plans to Open Worlds, RPGs and everything you can imagine on this magnificent idea.

For now, the NeoBiel released the game ElementBody Crystal Land Rush, released for Android phones, and in the future, over the popularity will come to iOS and Windows Phone as well. Pra'ticamente, the game is undergoing some tests, and we ask our community to let us know about any bugs and send us suggestions to update the game and makes it more fun way, all of these suggestions reflect the full version of game.

Crystal Land Rush, the player can use Fentikos, the elemental Fire Primary. Already available with all the Power Ups and can be downloaded at this link in Google Play.

The NeoBiel is doing its maximum to expand and make more ambitious games for our fans. It is something that will take time, but we are on track.

To learn more, follow us on social networks:
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