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60% speed up, some vertex flickering bug fixed, a nvidia performance bug fixed, editor apperance updated. Read the full list, EVERYBODY SHOULD UPDATE to this version!

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BUILD 685:
-nVidia performance bug fixed with some GeForce GPU's
-Now frameskip is supported, when framerate is too low
-Matrix stack underflow fixed in the graphics engine
-VBO overindexing fixed in the graphics engine

build 681

-Changed loading screen design
-Some small design changements in the maker's editor
-Changed right parameter panel
-Testing map now resets script execution properly
-Fixed pentagram flickering in the battle system
-Now editor automatically uses the Non-Power-Of-Two textures, if it can
-Battle system enemy selection may showed wrong enemy, fixed
-Enemy may attacked alreday dead hero becouse of an unitialized data in the code
-Magic list showed broken Red Magic parameters until it floated to the screen
-60% speed up in the graphics pipeline
-Graphics engine caused matrix stack overflow, fixed
-Graphics engine sometime touched shader functions without reason, fixed
-Battle camera may showed wrong image when the teams showed
-Battle system printed memory garbage sometimes, when an attack affected the whole team
-Heroes and enemys now squat correctly, if they injured seriously
-Cacheing recived a loading bar
-There may was broken vertices above the heroes when they stopped walking, fixed
-20-30% speed improvement in the animated model loading
-Battle camera code now does not watch to upward if the enemy/hero is small
-Better radar
-Scripts was missing from radar, fixed
-Now you can switch lines in script editor by clicking into they line number
-From now, failsafe Direct3D mode available for GPU's without OpenGL drivers (experimental, in game mode only)

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