This thread will be the bug tracker. Post comments here when you find bugs, glitches, or something that needs attention. If you get a crash, please try to tell me units and map location if you can remember what those are. General comments are also appreciated, but please make them substantive. Criticism is most welcome- we want to get all the hiccups and issues ironed out now before public release.

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Please use the comments to this article to post bugs, issues, glitches, and other problems that you encounter while playing the beta version. You can post them in the form of a comment and I will keep running tabs on them.

Known issues 1/23/18:

1) Hardpoints on XQ-3 are not all visible

2) Some planets not accessible on the Hutt Space and Outer Rim GC.

3) Firing arc on the Eidolon needs adjustment

4) Mandalorian Cruiser needs minor tweaking.

5) Some text descriptions of build locations are now out of date

6) Sith not buildable on Korriban (HT: Kanayamoonfallow)

7) Missing texture on the Eidolon (FIXED) (HT: {Heroic}CNKommander)

8) Missing texture on the Admonitor (FIXED) HT: {Heroic}CNKommander)

9)GC Crash- probably related to pirate starting forces, fix is likely but under investigation HT: {Heroic}CNKommander) (FIXED)

10) Empire displaying green faction color in GC (FIXED)

1st Patch 1/24/18

Additions: Dodonna frigate rebalanced.

Guri, General Dodonna, Jerjerrod, now have HeroPlanAttach scripts, so the AI will use them the way they are supposed to be used.

Sith and Jedi Temples added as special build locations in GC- they will now build properly.

Pirate starting forces edited to (Hopefully) eliminate GC crashing issues

Eidolon texture added

Silly green faction color removed from the Imperial ships in GC

Ongoing issues 1/24/18

Alderaan is destroyed space map (FIXED)

Thrawn SD texture causing problems on at least some PCs

2nd Patch: 1/25/18

Adds MC-75 Cruiser to the Rebels

Adds E/R only Absolute Conquest GC adapted from ACM 2.4

Adds new scripts for the new offensive perceptual equations

Fixes Air unit restriction on Telos (HT: Kanayamoonfallow)

Fixes destroyed Alderaan space map (HT: Kanayamoonfallow)

Fixes active Pirates in "Expand and Conquer" (HT: {Heroic}CNKommander)

Ongoing Issues: 1/26/18

Cron-Drift GC coordinates conflicts with Ossus (HT: {Heroic}CNKommander)


The planets Ossus and Cron Drift are right on top of each other (same GC positioning coords) and makes it tough to manage with clicking and visually, in the Outer Rim and Hutt Space GC. It may be similar with other GC's.

EDIT: Ossus and Cron Drift have basically a bit of a position conflict. The GC's that have both present need to have the planet position coords edited to move either planet slightly away from each other

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killdivas Author

Get the download off of the next article- this link is out of date.

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Admiral Daala's description has a typo. The word "Rose" should be lower case :)

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Also, I feel like Boba Fett's ship is too weak. He gets his *** kicked too easily in space. Could something be done about that?

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killdivas Author

Ok, let me ask some more basic questions. 1) Is the AI attacking regularly? 2) Is the Underworld advancing tech levels? 3) Is the AI regularly building up to starbase 5? 4) Is the GC performance decent (won't be perfect- not with 136 planets). I am now more interested in these kinds of "big picture" issues than finding micro-bugs, most of which I think we have identified. Thanks for your time!

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I know the AI is attacking regularly for sure, and the space tactical battle AI is definitely more challenging. GC performance is definitely better, especially compared to the former UGC maps. The hyperspace lanes and choke points are working pretty well. Haven't been able to check the AI advancing performance yet.

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