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I now have my second bug here.. great!! If anyone can help, thatd be great.. thx!!

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MY SECOND BUG IS HERE AND THIS IS WHAT IT IS: I LOADED THE MOD ONTO A DIFFERENT COMPUTER AND THE VAULT 35 DOOR TEXTURES ARE JUST CrEePy.. they switch between the teddy bear textures, vault wall textures, and a LOT more. I think this has something to do with either a missing TEXTURES AND/OR MESH FILES... or a missing NIF file. If anyone knows how to fix this so that it can be loaded onto EVERYONE ELSE'S computers besides mine, that would help A LOT. Otherwise the door textures wont appear for anyone but me and i will have to use the old doors.. Vault 101 slide doors and RUSTED Vault 108 gear door.. and i REALLY do NOT want to do that. So once again any help would be greately appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Ask around on the fallout nexus as you will alaways get great help their

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This isn't caused by your mod or its files its a common bug in fallout 3
and it can be easily fixed. All you need to Invalidate your archives either download
FOMM or ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated at fallout3nexus

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