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So we’re working on buffs, mkay? And we went social, mkay?

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Hello, everyone!



It’s a universal law of game development that if no one knows about your game, no one will play it. We’ve decided to tackle Facebook and Twitter for now.


We had to produce some additional content for that. A logo and an icon. As you can see on icon we decided to put our fabulous Chyort there advertising you to join our Graveyard March on Twitter and Facebook. He is an important figure in our game. You’ll stay with him for a long time and I’m working hard to make you enjoy his company.

Meanwhile we continue working on UI. It helps you keep track on what’s going on at all times. And we have a lot going on at all times.

The buffs you can use on your troops are the best way to turn the tides. When I play the game I love the moment when I can justify the use of the item.

Battle without Sword

Battle with Sword

Like sword. It isn’t that rare, but I still have to keep track of my inventory. Once I use it my skeletons tear puny humans to pieces.

The icons are there to help you and differentiate the buffs. There are frames showing soldiers are affected and visual helpers to show you by which buff. You can do a lot to your troops: haste, strengthen, protection.

Or poison! Yeah, poison them misbehaving blockheads.

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