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Brynz Update #9. Change log: Added new basic plane texture, added some game props, added basic HUD layout (WIP), etc...

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(Brynz - Update #9) video:

Change log:

+ new basic plane texture
+ some game props
+ basic HUD layout (WIP)
+ normal map texture on the 1st assault rifle
+ normal map texture on the enemy npc
+ lamppost lens flare
+ laser line on the laser attachment
+ silencer effect on the 1st & 2nd barrel
+ aiming sound
+ headshot system on the enemy npc
+ door system
+ flashlight
+ map limit on the game world (not shown on the video)

* day/night ambient sounds
* 1st assault rifle UV map & texture
* player watch UV map & texture
* player hand UV map & texture
* player gloves model, UV map & texture
* player jacket model, UV map & texture
* 1st barrel & 2nd barrel attachment model
* 3rd scope & 4th scope attachment model
* laser attachment model & texture
* green light on the player watch
* mouse sensitivity
* reloading sound
* fps stability by decreasing some effect
** fps drop after spawning some enemy npc
*** game concept (not shown in the video)

- buying feature on the weapon attachment menu
- realtime debris
- desert textured cloth on the weapon

Gexgekko - - 69 comments

First of all, I have to say it looks awesome! I love the way you can attach things to the gun :)
But, don't you think the crosshair is so close to the gun? Also, the crosshair is... ┬┐always showed? (not English, not sure if that idiom is right) I mean, when you run or when you put the red laser attachment, the white crosshair is still there... I think it would make the game prettier to make the crosshair disappear when you run, etc... Just my opinion, if you need feedback.
Thanks for making such and awesome game and for reading! Also, thanks for giving the alpha version for free!

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fajrulfnf Author
fajrulfnf - - 8 comments

You're welcome, :)
And thanks for your feedback really appreciate it. For the crosshair, it has been fixed a while ago, the video you saw is uplaoded 4 months ago, so there's a couple of thing that is already fixed by me.

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Guest - - 695,086 comments

fajrulfnf check your messages, I need your help with something. Nice work By the way! Hope to hear from you soon!

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on1ondevelopment - - 276 comments

I love this, the best parts are the weapon customization and the animation when you look into the sun.

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fajrulfnf Author
fajrulfnf - - 8 comments

Thanks :)

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