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Finally, This mod is no longer Work In Progress and Early Acess states.

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This mod is no longer work in progress state!

This is the brand new version 1.0 Update!

What's New on v1.0 "Bloody Order"?

  • Weapons

  • New Shotgun redesigned
  • New SchockHammer Sprites
  • Reanimated Axe Animation
  • Fixed StG46's Reload
  • Changed DualWeild's data
  • New Nazis

  • Two Fake Hitlers one is hot, another one is cold
  • Shotgun(Dual Barrel) Heavy Armored Nazis and New Shotgunner Nazi!
  • and Added a few takedown animations!
  • Enhanced few Effects
  • Others

  • Released "The Doomed Billy" version. Designed for gameplay on Your favorite doom map packs.
  • Plenty of Bugfixes!
  • Added Adrian Shephard from Half-Life: Opposing Force as an easter egg
  • liter file size! (314MB to 288MB)

Have a good Nazi Blasting!

This mod still might be glitchy. If you found any glitches, please let me know that glitch on My Discord Server!


have nice Nazi Blasting!Escape from Castle Wolfenstein

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Great video for the mod ,downloading now.
Time to chew some gum :)

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you did an amazing job tbh allot of pepole arent this good at making mods anymore 10/10 great work hope to see more in the future!!!

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WitheredPoppiMk-4 Author

Good to hear! Thanks!
I'm working on another project btw. If I finished some of work at there, maybe I can go back to update this mod.

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