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Progress update with Brutal Doom 3 BFG Edition ,Bosses,Demons and restored features

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2 new demons and 3 early access bosses:

93F46D28 284D 4704 A71E 38992228Pink demon-Classic demon that rushes you just like pinky only spawns in hell.Model by papamonos

Arachnotron- works like the classic arachnotron He will just shoot plasma at you.Model by papamonos custom textures by me.


Tyrant-A flying dark lord that will shoot 3 green homing missiles from each canon.

Annihilator-This Boss will rush you with a fireball chaingun. Stand still you DIE!!!.Model by papamonos

Spidermastermind-He shoot 5 projectiles out of his gone if you get to close he will summon a shockwave.Model by ChupaReaper,Texture by Vgames,Script by Simo k

Restored feature:

No more breathing Toxins in the waste tunnels of Erebus.Enviromental helmet cinematic restored

Im looking to restore The original ROE Hell Section that was cut and Add sone pitch black darkness present in the original Doom 3

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