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This is another quick release for BRM, packing a few new features and some important bug fixes. Check the full article for details of the changes and improvements. Download should be available here shortly.

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This update (v2.0.9) was not originally planned on this timescale, however a number of issues have cropped up with the previous release as well as some new features :-)

There was also a French translated version in the works, and to keep the two synced I have decided to release v2.0.9.

There are a few nice additions to this (such as the PTRS) and fixes a couple of nasty bugs introduced in 2.0.8 - sorry for any inconvenience over those.

Thanks are due to [1eBPC]TheRafal for sorting the French translations, and to Zeroy for the PTRS models.


New Features:

  • Deployable PTRS-41 Anti-tank rifle
  • Dvarable medic shout prompt instead of auto-shout
  • Dvarable .357 Magnum revolver for officer classes
  • Moderator admin level with configurable access (see _adminlist.gsc)
  • Ability to add DOM flags to unsupported maps (currently undocumented)
  • French Translations (if using French version). Translations by [1eBPC]TheRafal
  • Added ability to use Coaxial machine gun in tanks
  • Domination support added to match mode

Bugs Squished:

  • Fixed missing strafe plane explosion effect
  • Fixed freezing on respawn problem with Domination
  • Removed flashing icons in DOM / HQ / TWAR when waypoints disabled
  • Fixed runtime error caused by Napalm bombing runs
  • Fixed rare runtime error with suppression
  • Fixed problem where spectators could not free spectate.
  • Fixed issue with players being removed from squads on spawn

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