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BROKEN MIND is an action Survival Horror. Investigate, solve the puzzles and find out what happened to Laura Campbell. Today, I would like to talk about the gameplay of BROKEN MIND.

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Broken mind main

Hi, I'm Tony from 2BAD GAMES, this week we will talk about the fight scenes of BROKEN MIND. Last week I've introduced you to the different gameplay of the game but one of the most important is the fighting part!

When you play Frank Morgan, the main character of the game, you will have to fight with enemies. You can use your pistol to kill them very quickly but your ammo are limited.Sometimes the best option will be to use the melee attack or your kick.

Be careful, enemies can block your attacks! But if you watch your enemies carefully you can hurt them when they are blocking. If the enemy blocks your attack by shielding his head, use the kick to hit the lower part of his body. If the enemy is protecting his lower body part, use a melee attack to hit him in the head.

Be careful, if you attack your enemy in the protected part, he will launch a counter-attack! It will be really harmful for you. You have the possibility to dash to dodge the attack but you will need to have the perfect timing!

As you can read, when I started working on BROKEN MIND my mindset was not to make a walking simulator, I wanted to create a game with real gameplay that mixes combat, puzzles and infiltration.

Thanks for reading, next week I'll talk about the graphic style of the game.

BROKEN MIND will be available June21, 2022 for 9.99$on XboxOne, XboxSeries, NintendoSwitch, PlayStation4 & PlayStation5


BROKEN MIND game action

BROKEN MIND fps sewer

BROKEN MIND game fight

BROKEN MIND survival fight


BROKEN MIND fps school


Hope you like my game!

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